Illicit Affairs 2 porn video

‘Illicit Affairs 2’ (Porn Movie Review)

Editor’s note: The following post was written by Adult Empire reviewer ThePornLord.  Upon browsing the recent releases, I came across Illicit Affairs 2-a sexy new film full of scandalous affairs recently released by Sweet Sinner. Written & directed by a couple legendary, award-winning (and a couple of my personal favorite) adult film directors-James Avalon & […]

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Valentine's Day porn movies

A Complete Guide to AE’s Top Valentine’s Day Porn Movies

At Adult Empire, hearts aren’t the only thing getting bigger this Valentine’s Day! As the year’s biggest romantic holiday approaches, we celebrate by looking back at 10 of the top Valentine’s Day porn movies available on Adult Empire. Check out our video rundown and movie-by-movie text capsule reviews. Valentine’s Stories It’s the music that […]

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Interracial porn videos

Best of the Sale: Interracial Porn on VOD

The simplest definition of “interracial” denotes the interaction of any two races, but in porn, it has a much more specific connotation. Traditionally, it has been reserved expressly for sex scenes between black performers and white performers. It has always been a popular genre, particularly in the United States, and while it hasn’t been without […]

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Kiara Cole pornstar

Porn Movie Review: ‘The Seductress’

Sex appeal is a powerful force, with the capacity to make people completely ignore their better judgment. Just think of all the influential figures in the world who have tainted their lives with scandal simply because they could not resist sex appeal’s hypnotic power. In Sweet Sinner‘s The Seductress, newly available on DVD at Adult […]

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