Barbie Feels stars in a hotwife porn clip.

Is Hotwifing Misunderstood? Pornstars Weigh In

“My husband and I have an understanding.” It’s a simple, deceptively mundane phrase, but in the right context, it can unlock a whole new world of shared passions. Open-minded, sexually curious spouses are at the crux of hotwifing, a practice that has become popular in swinger culture and the porn movies it has inspired. “Hotwife‘ […]

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Yummy Girl videos

Sale Spotlight: YummyGirl on VOD

Sofie Marie’s very own Yummy Girl studio is hurdling toward your pants at 40% off. Yummy Girl features the jaw-dropping big canned brunette MILF Sofie Marie engaging in the most rigorous and hardcore of sex acts with all of her pornstar friends. Get in on the fun and see what it’s like for a pornstar […]

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