2023 trends

AE Predicts the Hottest Porn Trends For 2023

As 2023 kicks off, the Adult Empire bloggers take a look into the future and predict what they believe will be popular in the coming year. We cover pornstars, studios, genres, and sex toys. Pornstars Crystal Chase and more “With time, all things change and the cycles allow for new stars to emerge and dominate. […]

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Porn Trends 2020

AE Predicts the Hottest Porn Trends for 2020

Adult Empire’s bloggers (Dallas, Madison, Quinn, and Susan) give their take on what the world of porn will be talking about as the new decade dawns! PORNSTARS Gabbie Carter “Gabbie made her grand debut in April 2019 and ever since then she’s been climbing the Adult Empire popularity chart! Already working with top studios like […]

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The Benefits of Masturbation

For centuries the world has tried to make you think that masturbation is taboo and unnatural. Between the church and mainstream media they have sometimes labeled it dirty and wrong. However this couldn’t be further from the truth. What they aren’t telling you is that masturbation has so many benefits for both body and mind […]

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Ron Jeremy Sees Big Budget Porn Making A Comeback

“Ron Jeremy looks like Einstein.” So says a Youtube member in the comments section of the latest mainstream crossover vid featuring Jeremy, and who are we to argue? Jeremy attempts to summon the brainpower of a porn Einstein in “The Future of Porn with Ron Jeremy,” a short interview clip that finds the famous adult […]

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