Secretary porn is on sale.

Sale Spotlight: Secretary Porn on VOD

“Take a memo, please.” April brings Administrative Professionals’ Day. Well, it’s time to tell your loyal assistant to clear your afternoon and hold your calls, because the latest Adult Empire VOD sale is all you need in your fantasy inbox today. Secretary-themed porn is 40% off for a limited time [ends 4/2024]. To get started, […]

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Pornstars appear in porn DVDs.

Sale Spotlight: on DVD

We’ve been using “babe” as a slang term to describe a beautiful woman since at least 1915, according to research. Almost a century later, a studio came along with the power and prestige to harness this singular term as its name and brand. For over a decade, Babes has been porn’s shorthand for top-drawer HD […]

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Tanya Tate and others star in comedy porn videos.

Sale Spotlight: Comedy Porn on VOD (2023)

When you roar with laughter, you experience a moment that, however brief, is entirely without self-consciousness. In a strange way, it’s similar to the experience of orgasm, which puts you in a state equally without self-regard. Adult Empire’s latest sale spotlights comedy porn, the one place where you can have these two related experiences right […]

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Manuel Ferrara and others star in reverse gangbang porn.

Sale Spotlight: Reverse Gangbang Porn Videos

One dude, a score of women, and infinite possibilities. The traditional porn gangbang features a single female performer having sex with an entire lineup of male actors, but reverse gangbangs flip the script. The result is a male fantasy brought gloriously to life in scenarios ranging from traditional gonzo to rip-roaring Game of Thrones-style narratives. […]

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Kenna James and others star in Dorcel porn videos.

Studio Movie Spotlight: Dorcel on VOD (2023)

For American audiences over the past four decades, Dorcel has been like a naughty European mistress: sophisticated, worldly, and sexually adventurous. It’s been a taste of French erotica featuring top stars and talented, award-winning directors. Now you can enjoy this world-class brand at a special 50% discount [ends 11/22/23], but only for a limited time! […]

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Performers star in a Vixen porn DVD.

Sale Spotlight: Vixen on DVD

Vixen comes from the same minds who brought you Blacked and Tushy, but unlike those brands, it does not pin its appeal on a specific theme. “Vixen won’t be focused on a specific niche and will offer diversity. Some customers enjoy watching exclusively a genre and some enjoy diversity — that’s what Vixen stands for. […]

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