Liv Revamped stars in a Nubiles "shark week" scene.

This Nubiles ‘Shark’ Scene Is Bonkers, and We Love It

Most people don’t watch porn for the plot. Well, most people are missing out. There’s plenty of entertainment value to be found in porn’s non-sex moments, from trenchant performances to hilarious moments of randomness. It’s in this latter category that we find the third scene from Nubiles‘ Family Swap 5, entitled “Shark Time of the […]

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Studio News

Playboy at Work?

Playboy has struggled with the fact that the majority of Internet viewing happens during the work day where’s content isn’t deemed work appropriate. They’re now attempting to capture viewers in offices across the globe by going a little less xxx. The Smoking Jacket, Playboy’s new “safe-for-work” website, debuted late July – an attempt by […]

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