Penny Pax

‘The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries’: Adult Empire Porn Movie of the Year 2015

Have you ever heard a more sexually charged term than “submission?” Some folks may conjure images of sweaty, shirtless men in a wrestling ring, fighting for control of the other’s limbs, which is deeply erotic in its own way. But after viewing The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries, anyone would be hard-pressed to not imagine […]

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Porn Movie Review: ‘Couples With Benefits’

Adam & Eve Pictures always seems to deliver the quality porn sex films that we all like to watch. A new release compilation from February has proven to be a strong best seller by hitting number 1 on AE Unlimited almost instantly and remained there for five straight weeks before transferring over to the number […]

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Porn movies based on books

Top 10 Porn Movies Based on Books

The erotic power of words has been frequently exemplified over the years, from the Marquis de Sade through 50 Shades of Grey. Porn itself has also drawn inspiration from the printed page, as seen in this top 10 list of porn vids adapted from books! Watch our full video plus text recap.   Babysitting […]

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Penny Pax from Brazzer's Double D-Tention 4

Pornstar Penny Pax Podcast (2014)

In 2014 we interviewed pornstar Penny Pax on the Adult Empire podcast. Penny is a performer with energy and enthusiasm to spare, and she packed this AE podcast full of insight and anecdotes! Her unique perspective on the adult industry is fascinating. Below are excerpts about the most challenging kind of scenes to shoot and […]

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Pornstar redheads

The Top 10 Pornstar Redheads

We quite simply can’t get enough of pornstar redheads! Their signature locks sing out from any box cover they appear on, like the bewitching call of a mesmerizing siren. We continue our series of top 10 lists by recapping 10 of the best pornstar redheads! (Narrowing this one down to 10 was no easy task.) […]

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Still from Primary movie

The Rundown: Casey Calvert Directs ‘Primary’

Basics Casey Calvert’s Primary, from LustCinema, will no doubt bring many, many more movies, not only because it’s good, but because it safely and effectively establishes her style as a unique voice and fills a void in the genre. Interweaving characters and storylines, intentional and continued tone and aesthetic, and legitimate storytelling instantly transported me […]

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Valentine's Day porn movies

A Complete Guide to AE’s Top Valentine’s Day Porn Movies

At Adult Empire, hearts aren’t the only thing getting bigger this Valentine’s Day! As the year’s biggest romantic holiday approaches, we celebrate by looking back at 10 of the top Valentine’s Day porn movies available on Adult Empire. Check out our video rundown and movie-by-movie text capsule reviews. Valentine’s Stories It’s the music that […]

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