Celebrate National Pizza Day

Today is National Pizza Day and fans are celebrating with their favorite pizza pies, so why not celebrate with some porn for dessert? One of the oldest plot lines in the book are involving a pizza delivery boy or girl and has been used in many titles and scenes. Picture it, a lonely woman call […]

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Mark Wahlberg Regrets Filming ‘Boogie Nights’

Most people regard Paul Thomas Anderson‘s 1997 drama Boogie Nights as a modern classic. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes rates the movie as 93% fresh, and Roger Ebert gave it four stars and an unqualified thumbs up. Better not tell leading actor Mark Wahlberg, though, because he has recently voiced regret over his involvement in the […]

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Strange but True

Runner Takes the Hardcore Route

Go long and go hard! One San Francisco runner has turned her exercise routine into an opportunity to create unique Tumblr art, some of it with distinctly XXX themes! Using the Nike+ app, Claire Wyckoff’s routes strategically map out some surprisingly elaborate images, ranging from Ghostbusters‘ Slimer to the classic Atari Space Invader. But as […]

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