Krystal Davis strikes a pose.

Krystal Davis Interview: The Hotwife Life

Hotwifing may not be what you think it is, whether you’ve encountered it in porn, real life, or both. In this new interview, Krystal Davis discusses the hotwife fetish and porn genre from her perspective as a porn MILF. This interview kicks off Adult Empire’s MILF Month, which will spotlight hot moms in interviews and […]

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Barbie Feels stars in a hotwife porn clip.

Is Hotwifing Misunderstood? Pornstars Weigh In

“My husband and I have an understanding.” It’s a simple, deceptively mundane phrase, but in the right context, it can unlock a whole new world of shared passions. Open-minded, sexually curious spouses are at the crux of hotwifing, a practice that has become popular in swinger culture and the porn movies it has inspired. “Hotwife‘ […]

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Porn Movie Review: ‘Mommy’s Personal Trainer 5’

Time marches on for us all, and while it’s scary to some, others just get hotter. Their asses get thicker, curvier, while titties expand, and they have children. I’m of course referring to the most erotically untamable beast in the sexual jungle: the MILF! With motherhood comes wisdom, experience, and natural powers to sexually dominate […]

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Porn Movie Review: ‘Couples With Benefits’

Adam & Eve Pictures always seems to deliver the quality porn sex films that we all like to watch. A new release compilation from February has proven to be a strong best seller by hitting number 1 on AE Unlimited almost instantly and remained there for five straight weeks before transferring over to the number […]

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