Mila Monet cowgirl still from My Sexy Little Sister 11

Hot Porn GIFs: Cowgirl Position

There’s something about a woman taking charge that tickles me to the funny bone. You know which bone I’m talking about. A woman riding on top in the cowgirl position, straddling you like a common farm horse; it fills the heart with joy and the penis with hot love. Dare I say there isn’t a […]

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Wet sex porn video

Wet Sex: Six Super-Soaked GIFs from Sinful XXX

Porn movies from Sinful XXX are always highly stylized. Whether it’s sexy massages or lusty noir, the action represents an elegant view  into our fantasies at their dreamlike best. “With SinfulXXX, we combine art and porn, and really create something special and arousing for women as well as couples,” Sinful director Roma Amor told AVN […]

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Five Fun GIFs from ‘Girls Love Natural Breasts’

How does the old song “Jump in the Line” go? “Shake, shake, shake, Senora, Shake it all the time!” That’s a lyric that probably plays on repeat in the iPods of all the actors who star in Girls Love Natural Breasts. Though porn is traditionally (and sometimes unfairly) associated with implants and enhanced chests, this […]

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