Presidents and Sex

Editor’s note: In honor of the Fourth of July, we present this archival Adult Empire post, which originally appeared on the Adult Empire Blog in February 2016. The American presidency is probably the most powerful position in the world. Presidential actions have had some of the most consequential legacies the globe has ever seen, from […]

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Hard Brexxxit porn video

Television X Makes a ‘Hard Brexxxxit’

The United States is far from the only country laden with a long series of complicated political battles. If you’ve been able to tear yourself away from the daily clashes between Republicans and Dems in the USA, you’ve probably noticed that Great Britain has fissures of its own. Brexit (the blanket term used for Britain’s planned exit […]

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AE Pulse January 22

AE Pulse January 22: Stormy Daniels Trumps the Competition

Adult Empire’s update lets you put your finger on the pulse of what’s going on at AE! Get the lowdown on the most popular movies and stars on Adult Empire last week with our top-spot rankings: Week in DVD summary: Got a DVD cover with an underwear-clad pornstar looking back at the camera as she […]

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Mia Khalifa as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia?

Sure, actors have become ambassadors before — Psycho‘s John Gavin comes to mind — but who ever heard of a pornstar turned ambassador? A petition submitted on is hoping that Mia Khalifa will become the first. Penned by Dalcolm Rodriguez-Goldstein, the request asks President-elect Donald Trump to consider appointing the Lebanese star to the […]

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On the Issues: A Look at Porn and the Presidential Race

During the presidential campaign in 1976, Jimmy Carter did an interview with Playboy Magazine. While Playboy can hardly be described as hardcore pornography, Carter’s decision to sit down with the world’s most famous lad magazine had significant consequences. Playboy‘s rep contrasted with Carter’s down-home, wholesome image, and soon after the interview’s release, his poll numbers […]

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