Charlie Forde

Pornstar Charlie Forde Podcast

Joining us today for the Adult Empire Podcast all the way from Australia is up-and-coming pornstar Charlie Forde. Charlie Forde’s thoughts on Angela White: “Holly Randall joked in one of her interviews that Angela White makes her way into every bloody porn interview in the world because she’s so friggin’ good at her job! [laughs] […]

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Gina Valentina pornstar

The Dirty Talk Quiz (Part III)

Sometimes a foul mouth is the finest of filth! You’ll certainly think so once you hear the beautiful, seductive tones of the stars of Dirty Talk. a continuing series from director/star Manuel Ferrara. The sixth installment debuted this month, so we decided to offer the third edition of our Dirty Talk Quiz. See if you can […]

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Kraft’s ‘Food You Want to Fork’ Ads Are More Evidence Porn Has Gone Mainstream

Porn used to be relegated to the shadowy fringes of popular entertainment, but the distinction between hardcore and mainstream is becoming increasingly fuzzy. Case in point? Kraft’s recent “Food You Want to Fork” ad campaign, which makes unabashed use of the visual language of pornography. We’ve heard of “food porn,” but this is taking it […]

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