Charli Phoenix interview

Charli Phoenix Interview: ‘Porn Is My BF’

Charli Phoenix modestly claims that multi-tasking is not one of her strengths, but the record indicates otherwise. After all, how many people could balance a family of three kids and a thriving pornstar career? Find out how just how she does it in this new interview! How did you get into the industry? I was […]

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Nikki Zee pornstar

Nikki Zee Interview: Cuckold Porn, Sex Toys & More

Her advice is to “EXCEL, excel, excel,” and she certainly has. Nikki Zee is a self-booking performer who has bootstrapped herself to stardom and success in the industry. Learn more about the actor who memorably describes herself as “enthusiastically slutty”! Tell us a little about your life before porn. Where did you grow up? What […]

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Best of the sale fetish porn

Best of the Sale: Fetish on VOD

The definition of “fetish” is a fairly loose one,  resulting in an inclusiveness that is reflected in the wide scope of movies featured in Adult Empire’s category under that name. That means, though, that it contains a quirk or kink for every taste! All 13,000+ fetish porn videos are on sale for a limited time […]

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Cuckolding porn videos

Trends (2005): Cuckolding

In celebration of Adult Empire’s 20th anniversary, we look at some of the porn trends and genres that shaped the company’s history. In this edition: CUCKOLDING. Humiliation, embarrassment, infidelity. These three elements seem counterintuitive as the basis of a popular porn genre, but the sheer scale of the cuckold category says otherwise. As of this writing, […]

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