Best of The Sale: Butt Stuff

Best of the Sale: Butt Stuff on VOD

It’s amazing what joy a simple two cheeks and a hole can bring. While they come in all different shapes and sizes, they’re all perfect for insertion. Anal, double anal, rimming, gaping? It’s otherwise known as butt stuff, but I just call it a good time. We think you should have a good time, too! […]

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Celebrate Pi Day w/ My Favorite Cream Pies!

. Move over Martha Stewart there’s a new “Cream Master” in town! If you’re aren’t a math nerd, today is Pi Day- “3.14”159265… which means you should run to the store to get eggs & cream to join in the fun. You’ll need to beat the yolks and whip those egg whites into submission. I […]

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Elsa Jean Pornstar Valentina Nappi Pornstar Cover

Adult Empire Wants to Know What You Prefer!

Here at Adult Empire we want to hear from you, our favorite customers! We’re conducting a little poll to see what you like! Cast your votes below and let us know! Big Butts Big Boobs [yop_poll id=”37″] Blondes Brunettes [yop_poll id=”38″] DVDs On-Demand [yop_poll id=”39″] Creampies Facials [yop_poll id=”40″] Are You Subscribed To The Adult […]

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