Kenna James and others star in Dorcel porn videos.

Studio Movie Spotlight: Dorcel on VOD (2023)

For American audiences over the past four decades, Dorcel has been like a naughty European mistress: sophisticated, worldly, and sexually adventurous. It’s been a taste of French erotica featuring top stars and talented, award-winning directors. Now you can enjoy this world-class brand at a special 50% discount [ends 11/22/23], but only for a limited time! […]

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The Rundown: ‘Couple Swap 2’

Basics If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, sex with your partner can get extremely boring after years of being together and sometimes you just need to switch things up. Nubile Films understands this and Couple Swap 2 is your swapping swinging blueprint! Of course it helps to have a few friends you can trust […]

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Natasha Nice porn videos

WATCH: Top 10 Natasha Nice Porn Movies

Whether it’s on Adult Empire’s TikTok or YouTube pages, we’ve noticed a definite trend. When Natasha Nice appears, people cannot look away! The views and likes just keep flowing. Her good looks, candor, and winning personality have powered her to a durably successful career that promises to thrive for many years to come. To salute […]

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Announcing May’s Featured Porn Videos

The featured porn series comprises the best and most memorable new porn videos in release. Adult Empire is your go-to spot to see them first, and May’s batch is coming soon! Check out the names of these movies, their release dates, and the contributors who will cover them right here on the Adult Empire Blog. […]

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Movies To Get You In The Mood

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air (I wonder what love would smell like) here at Adult Empire, we know that porn isn’t just meant to be enjoyed alone. Like most of the great things in life, it’s better when it’s shared with someone special, so we compiled this list of titles […]

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India Summer, Cherie DeVille and others star in 40 Years Old, Comes to Life.

‘40 Years Old, Comes to Life’: Adult Empire Porn Movie of the Year 2020

40 Years Old, Comes to Life is a movie for the frustrated romance writer in all of us. Perhaps it’s appropriate that a story about an insular, cooped-up professional would take hold while audiences were similarly constricted by COVID’s devastating impacts. Twenty-twenty was a year for flights of fantasy but also depression and cabin fever. […]

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Couple Swap porn video

The Rundown: ‘Couple Swap’

Basics “This is normal. This is what people do.”  Even the most happily married couple is not immune to an occasional pang of sexual longing. Sure, you’ve forged a wonderful partnership, filled with all the mutual benefits you’d always hoped for. But people always crave variety, particularly in their intimate life. How does a couple […]

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