Sexy Cheerleader Images

It’s almost the Super Bowl, and everyone is getting pumped up no matter their team preference. Time for the Super Bowl parties to get ready and stock up on pizza, wings, and all the yummy snacks (I enjoy a good buffalo chicken dip myself.) While in the NFL, cheerleaders aren’t as involved as they are […]

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Inserted Vol. 1

Porn Movie Review: ‘Inserted Vol. 1’

Think about all the things you can insert into a mouth: a banana, a Popsicle, a Charleston chew, even that long Q-tip at the doctor’s when they’re checking you for strep throat. But the best thing you can insert into a mouth is a penis. Not just a penis, but a raging hard cock. What […]

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The Porn Polls Are Now Open!

It’s that time of year when the country is preparing to cast their votes and politics are on everyone’s minds. Here at Adult Empire, we would like to join in on the fun and hear what you like the most from your adult entertainment content!       [yop_poll id=”174″] [yop_poll id=”175″]     [yop_poll […]

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