Tori Black BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed Presents a Pornstar Version of ‘Never Have I Ever’

Games of “Never Have I Ever” almost inevitably turn to one topic: sex. BuzzFeed’s video version of the game drops any pretense of considering other subjects and cuts right to the chase by posing sex questions to six pornstars. Armed with flip-signs that say “I Have” on one side and “I Have Not” on the […]

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Sex Toys

Buzzfeed’s ‘Sensational Facts About Sex Toys’

The “buzz” in Buzzfeed typically suggests the excitement and hubbub surrounding a new trend, but after watching their latest video, the only “buzz” you’ll be thinking about is the hum of your favorite sex toys! The popular website has released a breezy, entertaining video offering an array of facts about the history and trivia regarding […]

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