Bree Mills podcast

Podcast: Bree Mills Interview

Bree Mills: porn icon? With her signature specs, crisp diction, trademark hairdo, and singular creative vision, Mills is as recognizable a behind-the-scenes player as any in the industry today. She is synonymous not only with Adult Time, where she serves as chief creative officer, but also an entire brand of intelligent, forward-thinking porn. Whether this […]

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Lucky Fate pornstar

Lucky Fate Interview: When Porn Is Your Destiny

“Cakes exploded, chocolate sauce was strewn everywhere.” And that’s just his day job! (More on that below.) Lucky Fate has certainly had one. To ascribe all his success to luck, though, would be a disservice to his talent and work ethic as a performer. Find out more about the Grinders star in our new interview! […]

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Transfixed Volume Seven porn video

The Rundown: ‘Transfixed Vol. Seven’ (VOD Exclusive)

Basics Transfixed’s official website promises “a new era in trans sexuality.” This bold claim is increasingly backed up by the company’s growing catalog of impressive movies! With a focus on scenes pairing trans performers with cisgendered females, Transfixed offers a glamorous, stylized entree into trans pornography. The seventh Transfixed volume introduces three independent vignettes, all […]

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Kaiia Eve pornstar

Pornstar Interview: Kaiia Eve

At just a little under five feet, Kaiia Eve might seem destined to a career of playing babysitters and seduced stepdaughters. That would be to underplay her versatility, though, which has found her assuming an impressive variety of roles! She can dominate Dee Siren, blow your mind in a squirting scene, steal the show in […]

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Fetish of the Month January 2021: ASMR

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridan Response. It’s the official name for when people get a weird tingling sensation that begins in the scalp and moves down the back of the neck into the upper spine. Studies into ASMR became mainstream around 2007 and the emergence of these studies let to a large variety of […]

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