Pornstars appear in porn DVDs.

Sale Spotlight: on DVD

We’ve been using “babe” as a slang term to describe a beautiful woman since at least 1915, according to research. Almost a century later, a studio came along with the power and prestige to harness this singular term as its name and brand. For over a decade, Babes has been porn’s shorthand for top-drawer HD […]

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Water Drops

Spring Showers Bring Wet Babes!

It might be hard to tell right now but spring is around the corner! You can feel it in the air, that cool crisp breeze that warns you about the coming rain! In my opinion: Adding water may create a firey situation. It’s hard pulling your eyes away from wet clinging fabric on a women’s […]

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Best of the Sale Twistys

Best of the Sale: Digital Playground, Twistys & Babes on VOD

Movies from three studios known for blockbuster action and eye-candy visuals are on sale now (ends 9/30/19): Digital Playground, Twistys, and Babes! Get the party started with four highlight picks: Code of Honor For budgetary and logistical reasons, creating a porn movie with an action-movie theme is always tricky, but Digital Playground has shown a […]

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