Secretary porn is on sale.

Sale Spotlight: Secretary Porn on VOD

“Take a memo, please.” April brings Administrative Professionals’ Day. Well, it’s time to tell your loyal assistant to clear your afternoon and hold your calls, because the latest Adult Empire VOD sale is all you need in your fantasy inbox today. Secretary-themed porn is 40% off for a limited time [ends 4/2024]. To get started, […]

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Natural Beauty Vol. 5 porn video

The Rundown: ‘Natural Beauty Vol. 5’ (VOD Exclusive)

Basics Andrej Lupin‘s Natural Beauty Vol. 5 is beautiful, passionate sex with the slightest pang of existential dread. It’s as if the filmmakers are reminding us that all pleasure is inherently fleeting, and that’s exactly what makes it so special. Gorgeous, reflective musical moods and melodies, as if ripped from the pages of Georges Delerue […]

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Still from Lonely Wives Club 3

‘Lonely Wives Club 3’ (Porn Movie Review)

If you have a hot wife, she needs to be serviced regularly, like a delicate piece of machinery. I know this because my wife is constantly having sex outside the marriage. That’s why I’m watching Lonely Wives Club 3 from MYLF. These poor women have been left out to rust. Horny, and jonesing for some […]

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