Pornstar Cherie DeVille looks over her shoulder at the camera.

WATCH: What Makes You Nostalgic? — Pornstar Edition — Cherie DeVille

Let’s hop in the time machine! In the latest Adult Empire pornstar video, MILF star Cherie DeVille recalls the foods, music, movies, and moments that make her feel that familiar wave of warm nostalgia. DeVille’s walk down memory lane shows her to be a true child of the ’80s, with references to Cabbage Patch […]

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Sexual Revolution porn video

The Rundown: ‘Sexual (R)evolution’

Basics Everything revolves around the way sex evolves.  We’ve come a long way from our prim and proper past, when sex was seemingly hidden away in a locked bedroom, never to be discussed in polite company. JoyBear‘s Sexual (R)evolution chronicles those changes by taking us on a tour of the sexual adventures of several generations […]

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A Look Back At The History of Porn

Erotic material has been in circulation for centuries, but only during the last couple of decades has it become more of a socially acceptable topic. Adult films have come a long way as well, men no longer have to join in on stag parties to enjoy an enjoyable adult title. From bulky VHS tapes to […]

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Cafe Flesh porn video

‘The Dirty Lowdown: Café Flesh’ (VIDEO)

“Does Café Flesh live up to its reputation as a weirdo porn classic, or is it just a wannabe art film with added hardcore sex?” The latest edition of The Dirty Lowdown, Adult Empire’s hilarious porn review series, ponders this question in full, giving you a concise, humorous look at one of the most unusual […]

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