Step House porn video

New Step House Scene Parodies Amber Heard/Johnny Depp Scandal

At this point, you’ve probably heard almost everyone’s opinion on the infamous Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. It’s been a tabloid sensation and cultural talking point from the moment it began. But adult entertainment has its own unique take on this scandalous split! It’s the latest creative, sexy effort from Step House: After Losing Defamation Trial […]

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Pornstar recommedn

WATCH: Pornstars Reveal Their Favorite Movies, Music & More

Need something fun to stream tonight? (Well, something other than Adult Empire’s ever-expanding VOD library, of course!) Check out the suggestions of some of your favorite pornstars. We dug into the AE interview archives to find out what movies, music, TV shows, and books top performers recommend. WATCH: Recap: Ava Addams I’m excited for […]

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Reagan Foxx pornstar

Bonus Interview: Reagan Foxx Talks Football

If there’s anything as popular as pornography, it’s gridiron football. The followings of these two American institutions overlap considerably, and many pornstars count themselves as big NFL fans. In honor of Super Bowl weekend, we compiled some football-related outtakes from our recent Reagan Foxx interview. (Check out the full interview here.) Find out her favorite […]

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Adult Empire Team Members Discuss Porn, Romance & Valentine’s Day

Can porn be an integral part of a sweet, sexy Valentine’s Day? We asked Adult Empire employees to give their perspectives on two questions relating to porn and Valentine’s Day. Check out their answers below! Do you think porn can be romantic? “Yes, I think so! Obviously everyone’s idea of what they call romantic will […]

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Porn parody with Ember Snow

WATCH: Pornstars Reveal Which Porn Parody They Would Love to Star In

Actors often dream of playing a classic role like Hamlet or other iconic characters. At last year’s Exxxotica expo in Miami, we asked a series of pornstar the porn parody role they’d most like to play. Check out the answers from Ember Snow, Jennifer White, and others!

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Charlie Forde pornstar

WATCH: What Makes You Nostalgic? — Pornstar Edition — Charlie Forde

In the What Makes You Nostalgic? video series, we ask pornstars to discuss some of their best memories of pop-culture past. In this edition, we chat with Australian star Charlie Forde! Browse Charlie Forde porn videos >> UP NEXT: WATCH: What Makes You Nostalgic? — Pornstar Edition — Lauren Phillips

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Porn trends 2022

AE Predicts the Hottest Porn Trends For 2022

What will 2022 bring to the wonderful world of adult entertainment? Adult Empire’s bloggers return with more predictions in this edition of our popular yearly series. Pornstars Kenzie Anne “Kenzie’s got the look, the body, and the personality to become an ‘it girl’ in the adult entertainment industry. Kenzie only appears in a few movies […]

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