Pornstar Chanel Camryn strikes a pose.

Chanel Camryn Podcast Interview: ‘When That Camera Turns On, Nothing Else Matters’

Chanel Camryn‘s orgasms are the stuff of porn legend.

Her gyrations are so intense, she’s been known to accidentally kick cameramen in the groin, head-butt camera lenses, and smash co-stars’ thumbs. They don’t call her the “Quiver Queen” for nothing. The intensity of these onscreen moments has paved the way to a win as AVN Best New Starlet 2024 as well as a spot in Elegant Angel‘s series of the same name. Camryn joins the Adult Empire Podcast to discuss her rocky road to the industry (including the time she was nearly kidnapped), her trademark climaxes, her experience working with Gia Derza and Lexington Steele, her thoughts on star director Jonni Darkko, her run-in with cum-covered cupcakes, and much more.

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Interview topics and transcript

Getting nominated for Best New Starlet at AVN

I said this while I was doing my panel, being nominated felt like winning for me. I was like, I don’t really even need to win. Just getting nominated alongside so many other amazing talent that I’ve been working with this past two years that I’ve been in, was just amazing for me just to be considered. Along with all my other nominations, those I was really proud of as well, just to get nominated for sex scenes and things like that. I was not expecting to take that trophy home.

Did she expect to win?

Part of me was like, you know, you’ve shot so many scenes. I wouldn’t say that I’ve outshot anyone, but I just I’ve definitely prioritized pro work over doing content in the past two years. And I feel like everyone does a little bit of both. And so you know, when I put content to the side, it did kind of keep me from like, making essentially, like more money. But I love being on set, and I wanted to put out as much porn as I possibly could, you know, and I didn’t do that with the goal of like winning an award. I did that with the goal of like, just putting my name out there. And so, you know, when I looked at, like, how much I had done and like, what, and like the amount of nominations I had, I was like, well, I have a good chance. I do have a good chance because I put in so much work. I have so many scenes. I have so many nominations going along. But at the same time, I was like my social media is not like where most people are compared to most of the girls that were on that list, I have a lower following. I’m not as present. My OnlyFans is not as present. Like, I haven’t gotten a lot of super big opportunities to be in features or  a lot of the stuff that I did was just like, Nubiles and Team Skeet. And all of these typical run of the mill, shooting scenes little stuff. That’s what made me think that I wasn’t going to win because I was like, well, when you look at these other girls, they look like they’re doing so much better than I am. So it really did shock me. But it was nice, because then it was like, okay, so someone did see that I put in like all of this hard work all of this, like blood, sweat and tears, working consistently showing up every day giving 100%. Even when I’m shooting like 14 scenes in a row. So that was nice.

The award ceremony

It was actually really funny. And I definitely kept it very true to who I am as a person. Because like when they called my name, I immediately freaked out. I didn’t even stand up at first and then — so I like ran and my dress that night, I was having so many issues. My earrings kept falling out. My dress was too tight. I couldn’t really sit down. I couldn’t walk. My shoes kept coming untied. And my dress was so tight. I couldn’t bend over. So it was like, I was getting so frustrated. And then like I remember I ran up to the stage. The guy tries to help me up the stairs. And I was like no, I’ve got it. Like hiked by dress so high and ran up there and then I couldn’t think at first so I just had to like scream off to the side. And then I came back and gave my like speech in the middle of me screaming I almost busted my ass and my earring flew off. So it was very like sporadic and messy. It was great. It’s genuine.


I’ll say I never like imagined myself getting an award. But when I was a kid, I always wanted to be an actress, or I wanted to be famous. Like, I used to dress up like Hannah Montana and run around my house, with a microphone. I can’t sing. I was a drama buff, like all through middle school. I did lots of like acting classes, everything. So I always kind of wanted to do that. But then when I moved to Alaska, the schools don’t get a lot of funding up there. So the programs that we have, there’s not a lot — so there wasn’t a drama program. There wasn’t anything like that. And so I kind of just gave up on it. And I was like, and I went more like the healthcare nursing route after high school. But it’s just funny, because it’s like, I always kind of knew I was going to be famous in some sense. I just never knew it was going to be like this. [Laughs] “Mom, I technically made it!”

From Florida to Alaska

Well, there’s like the running joke that you don’t go to Alaska unless you’re running from something. But I come from a very rundown neighborhood. I actually just went back in October and visited because my brother was getting married. And it just was kind of surreal to have been gone for 12, 13 years, and then to go back. And it’s still, I mean, it’s changed a little bit, but if anything, it’s changed for the worse. So, you know, when you’re living in that type of environment, you don’t realize how dangerous and how scary it is, until you know something else. And so, I will say in a lot of ways, Alaska kind of saved me like as a person because we were like 13, when I moved and I was selling drugs at my middle school. I was not going down a very good path.

And that didn’t come from like me wanting to be a hoodlum. That came from me trying to help my mom pay the bills. So it was just that type of environment. And it’s hard to come away from that. And so I’m really like, proud of my mother for moving us out of that environment. Because I know that was a really hard thing for her to do. Not many people make it out. I mean, everyone that I went to school with prior to moving to Alaska, either ended up in a gang, shot, pregnant, like none of them really were given the opportunities to succeed. And so I definitely do think that if I hadn’t moved to Alaska, my story probably would have been a lot different. But moving there, it forced me to, to chill out, basically, because that’s not how I mean, I moved to a very small town, I went to a school of 120 kids total so there was no hiding anything. Nobody was getting in fights and things like that. So it gave me the chance to be a kid for once and then to also like find my path without any of those social blockages.

This was around the time that Alaska: The Last Frontier, which is a bogus show, but like, you know, all those shows, kind of like centered around Alaska, we’re trending at the time and we’re becoming a thing. And so I think what drew my mom wasn’t necessarily Alaska, but it was just the way of life that was depicted on these shows. My mom has always wanted to own a piece of property and a farm and a homestead. And she’s always wanting to get away from the city and away from like having to work a nine to five and wanted a more, you know, natural life. And so, she didn’t end up getting that, but she did get kind of a more calmer lifestyle. But you know, it was definitely better for all of us. You know, the schools are a lot better, they care more. The environment is safer. You can actually let your kids go out and do things and not have to worry about them getting kidnapped or sex trafficked.

Almost kidnapped?

I did a really dangerous neighborhood as I had said. And so my stepdad wasn’t the greatest. And the school buses would only pick you up if you lived like two miles away from the school other than that you had to walk. And this is Florida. So it’s like 100 and something degrees outside in the summer. So walking with a backpack full of textbooks is already not fun. And so my dad would refuse to basically like, meet me at the school and walk me home. Even when I was in like third grade. It was kind of sad. But I do remember, you know, most of the time, the instances happened when I was in middle school, because we lived right next to the elementary school, but I had to walk farther to get to middle school. And so the street that we lived down, which is very secluded, and not a lot of people drove down it. So I would be the only kid walking this long road, you know, in the middle of the day with no traffic. And so there were a few instances, because our street was like at the end of the street, most of the time, like the cars would just follow me and I would be able to tell that they’re not going the speed limit. So I had a plan that every time I hit this tree on the corner, I would dart because my house was the second house down from the stop signs. Like once I hit the tree like I knew I could run faster than they could catch me and I could get into my yard. And most of the time that deterred them. And just because there was a a cul-de-sac at the end, they would just hit the cul-de -sac, turn around and then leave. But there was one specific time where this guy had balls. And I made it to my my gate and I jumped my fence which was rickety and like ghetto it. I don’t even know how it functioned. There was no opening. You just had to go over it. And he actually pulled into my driveway. And I was like beating on my front door. And the reason he pulled into the driveway was because there was no car in the driveway. But my dad was home. We just only had one car and my mom was at work. So my dad opens the door yelling at me because he’s pissed. I just woke him up, and then realizes there’s someone trying to like jump the fence to get into our yard. So that was a debacle. And then the guy obviously ended up getting in his car and driving away. But I do remember that it was like one of those square SUVs like when they came out with all those hamster commercials driving the SUVs. Was one of those box cars. I don’t remember what the guy looked like. I don’t remember anything else. Remember, I was probably in like sixth grade. But that was the most terrifying experience I had. But other than that, there are probably like three other times where I just got followed. So you know, it was always like you’d walk two steps forward two steps backwards. You got to know your surroundings.

Porn as a safe space

To take that a step further, if we want to get kind of technical with it. You know, as a kid, I was sexually abused by a family member for six years — can be very mentally destructive. I didn’t really lose my virginity until I was 18. I really never wanted to have sex. Prior to getting into porn, I wasn’t a very sexual person. Obviously, I had been exposed to sex at a young age. So it was something that I always thought about, but I was terrified, you know, of being one on one with someone and sharing intimacy. So it blocked me in that way.

And it wasn’t until I actually got into porn, that I was able to fully experience what sexuality meant to me in a safe environment. Because I like I still to this day, I feel safer having sex on set than I do having sex after a date. Because you’re one on one with that person and anything can happen and when you’re on set. You have directors currently, you have crew, you have everything. There’s consent talks, and and even going further into that now that I’ve been in the industry for two years, I’ve been able to take what I have, the sexual confidence that I have built for myself, I’ve been able to take that into my personal life. And like even now like when I go on dates with guys, or I have someone over and they make me feel uncomfortable, like I am, you’re out goodbye. Whereas like prior to porn and like most civilian women will experience we just kind of will deal with it and like have the sex so that we can get him to leave without having an awkward conflict. When in reality you should just be like no like i What do you mean, get the fuck out of my apartment. So I definitely like it. Porn saved me in so many ways.

Bikini barista in Alaska

So this happened, like right after I decided I was going to drop out of college and quit nursing. COVID kind of ruined it. For me, we weren’t really caring for patients anymore. So I actually had a boyfriend at the time. And I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. And I saw this job offer and I asked about it. I was like, I like would you be okay with this, and he encouraged me to do it. Because at the time, I still didn’t really have confidence. And so I didn’t want to be half naked serving coffee. I also really cared about what other people would think of me. So I was like, oh, people are going to say things, but I did it. And I’m glad that I did it because it helped me like gain my confidence, which helped me transition into porn.

But I did that for about six to eight months. And it’s like negative 30 degrees, you’re in a shed, with two windows on either side. And our boss wanted us to have the windows open anytime there was a customer. So you’re literally running off space heaters, frostbite on your ass, you know, shit like that. It was great. Not really. But no, it was fun. I made a lot of money. I met a lot of really cool people. A lot of them actually became my fans when I transitioned into OnlyFans and porn, so they still follow me. Which is probably really cool for them to have been there like from the beginning. But no, it was a fun experience. I drink a lot of coffee.

Skills from prior jobs

I started kind of in a corporate office, and then ended up transitioning down to patient care over time. So I will say that like probably like the corporate office part helped me the most with moving into this industry, not necessarily for my performance, but for everything that also comes with it. Like people don’t realize that you have to have a business and you have to run that business. You have to do your taxes and payroll, and you have to have employees and it becomes a whole thing. And so like thankfully, I did have some experience like with HR and payroll and things like that to where I kind of had a little bit of grip. But other than that, like it’s still all been a learning game. There’s really no way to prepare yourself for what you’re going  get into when you get into the industry because there’s no handbook, and there’s not really valuable information on the internet that’s applicable and you can’t research with porn. Tells you nothing about what it’s like on set. So you really just have to like meet people and talk. Like every I was on set, I would make a conversation with a performer and ask them questions because you were like my encyclopedia.


Best advice

The best piece of advice that I have gotten is actually from my agent. And I would have to say that the one thing that he told me that’s really stuck is, you know, you can come into this industry, and you can make a lot of money and make your life easy for a short amount of time, and then work at Wendy’s for the rest of your life. Or you can come into this industry, make a lot of money, live well. And then, if you’re smart, you’ll be able to live comfortably for the rest of your life. And so I think, that has really stuck with me, because I don’t want to end up blowing all my money, blowing all of my savings, you know, not paying attention, not paying my taxes, not taking care of things living too in the moment. And then by the end of my career, what I built, because at the same time, I plan on being able to retire by the time I’m 30. Not that I’m going to quit porn, but I want to be able to just have freedom to stop whenever, you know. So I think definitely just being smart about everything that I’m doing now will make the bigger difference later. And I think that a lot of performers should think about that when they come in, because it is it can get kind of overwhelming. You’re like, oh my God, I’ve never made this much money before and like no taxes are being taken out of it. And then at the end of the year, Uncle Sam takes half of it back. So it’s like you really need to plan accordingly. Instead of just going with the flow.

Physical challenges of being a pornstar

I think it really depends on how often you’re working. You know, if you’re just shooting once a week, and your scenes are pretty mellow, then you’re not going to have too much of an effect on your body. But it really comes down to the positioning. Like yesterday, for instance, I shot an anal scene for Evil Angel. And they’re very hardcore in the sense. And so I’m in pile driver, which not good for your back, getting carried like any most, most of everything that you’re doing, it’s going to affect your back, not just because of like the position that you’re doing, but also because you have to contort your body in such a way to look at the camera, like normal people aren’t doing that. Also, the angling is much different. You know, the wear and tear on your vagina, on your asshole, on your parts, you know that’s a lot to learning how to take care of yourself properly and learning your own body.

But I’d have to say like the most damage is probably like my back and my hips because those are getting used the most. And my neck will definitely like get intense sometimes. And also as a female performer, like you have to be careful because you can get a lot of throat infections from sucking deck, not necessarily that the degree you’re sucking is dirty, but you can rip your throat, which then in turn is going to make you more susceptible to getting sick. So it’s always like a running cycle.

Pleasure in porn

I still find pleasure in the scenes that I shoot but my pleasure is not important. His pleasure is not important. You know, creating porn isn’t about your partner’s pleasure during your scene. It’s about creating the energy for the viewer, creating the intimacy, creating something that’s going to pull them in, or, you know, whatever that company is looking for. I’ve always been very easygoing, in the aspect of like, you know, this is a job and like, I have a rate. And if you book me, you’re paying me to do a job. I’m going to do the job the way that you want me to do it. I’m still going to put my touch as a performer on it. Otherwise, why did you book me, but you’re creating something for a site, for a company, for its viewers. And so I feel like that has to come first. And then finding the pleasure and the intimacy and the connection within that is probably what makes you a better performer — being able to do the job while also enjoying it.

Her orgasms

When people tell me that my orgasms are fake, I don’t care if you want to say that they’re fake. You can — that’s fine. Sometimes they are, you know. Sometimes they do have to fake it, which honestly, being able to fake that type of orgasm is still hard. I don’t think people realize that the reason that I convulse is because every muscle in my body contracts, which causes me to have like a seizure-like orgasm. And so, you know, like, you can see the exhaustion on my face. And there have been plenty of scenes where I get to a point where I can’t even come anymore, because I’m like, I’m so tired, I’m trying to perform, and I’m coming, and I can’t breathe. But you know, I just try to enjoy it. And I think that I’m very lucky to be able to have such authentic orgasms so easily. Because I know that a lot of women struggle to come even by themselves. And so I didn’t realize that that was going to be something that was going to catch so many people’s eyes. When I came into the industry, I didn’t realize that was something that was so rare. And my sensitivity has definitely gone down due to the amount of sex that I have. But you know, I still, we’re still there. And I try not to overdo it, make it, you know, whatever. I try to keep it genuine.

There have been scenes where I’ve came pretty quickly into the start of the scene. And the directors actually cut me and been like, hey, nobody’s going to believe that. And I was like, I wasn’t faking it. Like, that was real. Like, I’m sorry. And then they’re they’re just kind of like, oh, okay, and that’s when they haven’t worked with me before and it ended up being a thing where I had to start warning people when I got to set before we’d have sex like hey, just so you know, like when I come I have no control I might kick you, so bob and weave. I’ve definitely kicked cameraman in the balls, head-butted camera lenses. I almost broke Lilly Larimar’s thumb one time — I mean I’m sure I wouldn’t have broke it, but like she tried to catch my head on a desk that we were fucking on and I slung my head back and just smashed her fingers and like afterwards I was like, I appreciate you. But please never put yourself in harm again because like I will take the knot on my head. I did it to myself, but I don’t want to hurt you too.

Most orgasms in a single scene

I first got into the industry, I want to say it was my nympho scene. I think a fan counted that I came like 34 times in the video, which I believe was only 40 to 50 minutes long. So that’s an orgasm, like every minute and a half. That was in the beginning. And that wasn’t even all of them, because that’s not all of the footage, you know, they cut it down. So, yeah, I definitely I typically lose track after like 10 or whatever. But I feel like it’s probably up up there. The record would probably have to be like 50 or something.

Orgasms as trademark

I will say that there is a lot of pressure on me in the sense to continue orgasming like that, because I feel that if I don’t, then people will start to think that it’s all fake. You know, if I can’t keep it up, then it must all be fake. So I do definitely feel the need to continue to quiver and continue to come more than usual for other people. Because if I don’t, I feel like they will notice they’ll be like, the scene just wasn’t that good. Like, he just isn’t making her come. So I feel like yeah, that’s what they know me as and now I have to carry that. I don’t think that that would ever change. But I mean, if it did — I don’t know what I would do. Retire!

E for Everyone?

I would say that the rated E for Everyone wasn’t necessarily in the sense meaning that everyone should watch but in the sense that I will have sex with all different types of people. I definitely would identify as pansexual. I’m not like very into all that, you know, but I mean, I guess like I would call myself pansexual because I’m not like attracted to just male or female or trans. Like I’m open to anyone in anything, you know, I like to explore and experience.

And so the E for Everyone was just like, you know, everyone can ride this ride. There’s like, I’m not I’m not judging anything. But then also yeah, I mean, I can you can take it a step further and say that it’s a sense for like, everyone can watch my porn, but I’m not trying to make porn for a specific audience or for, you know, to please other people. My performance is completely and solely what I want it to be. You know, I just tried to have fun. You know, there have been days where I’m on set. My favorite story to tell is like, from my blowbang that I did, which actually got nominated. I was really happy about that, because it wasn’t a super awesome production. It was just I really worked hard that day. And so it was my first blowbang. And I was really excited. And I remember I was shooting it for Jim Powers, which I don’t know if you know who that is. But he’s crazy. And he shoots some crazy shit. And he encourages the crazy out of you and I love that about him. But this was the one time I shot for him where this man told me to chill out. He literally called cut and was like, “Chanel. You don’t have to go that hard. Like you can chill out a little bit. You look like you’re struggling. It doesn’t have to be a full 45 minutes of insaneness.” And I literally yelled at him and I was like shut the fuck up. It’s my blowbang. I’ll do what I want. And I proceeded to throw up like 10 times and like fucking like just go ham.

Working with Gia Derza

But that’s all for me. Like that’s just the performer that I want to be when I came into this industry. I was looking up to people like I mean I love Gia Derza for instance, I actually just got to shoot a scene with her, which I never thought was going to happen. I didn’t know she was going to come back, then it was insane. Is the first time I was ever to just like, go completely balls to the wall. A lot of times I have to downplay my performance to match whoever I’m working with. Just because, you know, that goes back to the this is a job aspect. And if you want the scene to look good, you can’t have someone who is being very mellow and someone who’s being very crazy, you need to have similar energy. And then you know, you can always try and bring them up with you. But me and her it was like back and forth.

[When first meeting her on set] I was terrified. Okay, I was absolutely terrified. I mean, I’ve met Gia in person. I’ve hung out with her with a few parties and events. But when I got into porn, I was watching her old scenes, and I was just like, wow, I want to be able to do that. And then, you know, I had never thought that I was gonna get the chance to work with her. So when I got booked, we shot for Jules Jordan together. We did an anal scene with Lexington Steele, which for one, I was terrified at the cock going in my ass because that it was massive. And I had never seen it before. And I had never seen him before. So there’s no way to tell how big it’s going to be until you get to set so there’s no way to like really prepare. And I know her — I’m like, she’s going to be be fine. Like this chick, Her asshole is magic. So I was like, petrified. I was like, how am I going to keep up? You know, I was like, I’m getting this opportunity and how am I going to keep up. But it ended up being so amazing. And I think being with her during that made me push myself further. And the dick went in, and it was great. It was great. It was a great scene.

Big dicks in porn

I will say Dredd is probably the most intimidating cock. Is such a nice guy. I’m super excited to get to work with him at some point. I am trying to get my asshole ready. The fans really want it. But yeah, that one’s intimidating. I actually have his dildo on my shelf over there. To remind me it’s a goal. I want to get to triple anal by the end of my career. So like, yeah, that’s why I did my first anal so soon. I was like, I’m not going to wait five years to put out my first anal because I want to be doing triple anal in the next five years. So hold your horses, people.

’90s porn

I used to watch all the old ’90s porn and all the crazy gang things and so like that’s what I thought Porn was going to be like when I got in which is why I was a little nervous to get into porn, but like now that’s like those are my goals. I want to be that performer that I was watching that just is doing double anal and double vag at the same fucking time during a gangbang. Oh, the accomplishment lives forever. Like I want memes circulating and like 10, 20 years of like, some fucking shit that I did.

Porn idols

I will be completely honest. I never knew of any specific names prior to getting into porn. I mean, like everybody knew about like Riley Reid and Abella [Danger]. Those are kind of like household names that get spit around in middle schools and high schools and shit like that. Everyone knows about those porn stars. And Angela White and stuff, but like when it came down to like, you know, everyone else, I didn’t I didn’t know who these people were that I was watching. It wasn’t until I got into porn that I started being like, I’ve definitely seen one of your scenes and masturbated to it lay. And now that I’m in porn, it’s like, I can’t even watch porn anymore because they’re all my friends.

Watching porn

It’s the same thing as if you direct like movies, and then you watch an action movie, it’s not going to feel as magical because you know how they did it, you know? So it’s like, porn doesn’t feel as magical because we know how it’s done. And we just we could tell and so you know, I think now for me, what gets me off is I watch Netflix and like HBO and shit like that. And like the sex scenes in the movies are what turn me on because they’re more intimate rather than actually showing parts and things like that. And then also I’m really attracted to manly things. So I like when they go to war, like the UFC fights. Those are pretty great. You know, just men being men really grinds my gears.

Celebrity crush

I used to say Matthew McConaughey, but he’s gotten up there. Like, I mean, I’d still tap but I’d probably break him. So I don’t know this. I think it’s [Ian Somerhalder]. He played Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries and that has like — there’s something about the dark hair and blue eyes. That just does it for me. I don’t even care what it looks like — I’d take it.

I grew up during that time when everyone was obsessing over the vampire/werewolf like you know, because because it went from like, vampires and werewolves and folklore and then it went to zombies. And then after zombies we went to like fucking superheroes and like, that’s that’s how cinema went for me as a kid. So like it started with the vampires and werewolves.

Director Jonni Darkko

So I had been wanting to work for Darkko forever. I mean, since I got in because his style matches my style of performing. I like sloppy hardcore off the wall gonzo shit. That is where I excel, especially if you let me interact with the camera because I’m good at doing that. So, you know, I kept seeing his Throat Fucks movies come out and all this other shit. And now I was scared to work for Darkko for anal, just because I had never done something that hardcore and I was still pretty new to anal. And I was like, I don’t think I could do it. I don’t think I could do it. I just wanted to do like one of his Throat Fucks movie. So I sent [agent] Mark [Spiegler] a meme for my blow bang. And this is the meme. And it says like, this girl is good at multitasking. I didn’t think the meme was necessarily funny, but the photo was the thing. So I sent him this and I was like send this to Darkko so he’ll book me for a Throat Fucks movie. And then Darkko was on it. So I got my first scene from Darkko with a meme. And then he shot me for a Suck Balls scene with him and then after that he shot me for anal. And yeah, there’s definitely going to be a lot more of me and Darkko in the future. I promise. But no, that anal scene was amazing. And I actually had a double ear infection that day. And I was like half deaf, and I was having like an extreme migraine, and my throat was swollen, but I still like showed up and gave like, fucking 110% that day. And it was amazing. So I love Jonni. He’s very, he’s very sweet. He’s super nice to work with. He’s super understanding. And he makes you look amazing.

Striving for your best even when you don’t feel your best

I’m very much like, I do love sex. So you know, it doesn’t really matter what’s going on with me that day, when that camera turns on, nothing else matters. That’s always been how I’ve been on set. So you know, I shot my first gang bang with food poisoning. And no one able to know because I also ate cum-covered cupcakes during the scene. You know, I’ve always been very good at masking during those times when I’m not feeling well. And still being able to give I feel like also I some of the best scenes that I’ve shot have been on days that I wasn’t feeling great. For instance, like I did a kink scene, everything but with Victoria Vox with the same ear infection. There’s actually like, much worse at this time, because he didn’t realize what was going on. I thought I was just congested and was having like pain. But it wasn’t until I actually because I was working so much that week, I didn’t have time to go to the hospital wasn’t until I actually went to the hospital that I realized what was going on. But you know, and that was the first time I fisted my ass. So it just you know, the days that I feel like I’m going to do the worst are typically the days that I push myself the most. And then I do the best. So I’ve never really never really worried.

Origins of her stage name

So I actually wanted, when my mom gave birth to me, she wanted to named me Lacey Lin. And so I wanted that to be my porn name. Because I always thought it was like a stripper’s name. You know, Lacey Lin, come on. And so, but then I looked online, because you know, obviously you got to search it to make sure there’s no other pornstars and there was a Lacey Lennon and so I was like, okay, well, that’s just too close. I don’t want to try and ride off of someone else’s name. I don’t want the cliques to be too close to each other. So then I was like, let me do like Chloe, like a Bratz doll. There’s a lot of Chloes. There’s a lot of Chloes.

So I didn’t do that either. And actually, it was the night before I was supposed to shoot my first scene. And I’m like, on the phone with this girl who’s in the industry, and I’m really spitballing shit and I’m like, okay, Chanel. I definitely want Chanel. And then I’m like, what’s a good last name? Good last name. And I’m like, well, I wanted to do Carter, but that was my boyfriend who I just dumped to do porn’s last name, and I was like, that’s fucked up. I won’t do that to him. So then I chose Camryn, and then I was like, okay, well, it’s female. So I want it to be pretty which is why I did the “r-y-n” at the end. It was all for signature purposes. The entire reason why my name needed to be a C was all for signature purposes, because my legal name starts with a C. And so I was like, it took me so long to create a signature for my name that I was like, I don’t want to have to create another one. Let me just ride off of whatever I already have.

Yeah, so then it just didn’t the only decision there was like, are we doing Camryn Chanel or are we doing Chanel Camryn and Chanel Camryn stuck so I shot my first scene and that was it. I’m never going back you know, sometimes I wish that I would have picked a different name, but I’ve done well with this name. So I’ll let her stay. But I definitely I would have went with my legal name had it not been for my sister. I have a younger sister and so she’s in like middle school and I didn’t want her up to deal with any type of like bullying or anything. So I didn’t use my legal name. But if I could go back, I would have used my legal name because my sister doesn’t give a fuck. She tells all of her friends.

I was going to go with like Callie Marie. My legal name is on my Instagram, so I don’t fucking care. I’m already doxxed .Yeah, I was going to go with Callie Marie, which is like my first and my middle name. And that would have been I feel like a very cute, very cute stage name. But you know, Chanel Camryn has made her way and she’s made her mark so she can stay.

Her pet cat

So I like I’ve only had him since October. I got him right when I got back from Miami. I just needed a friend. I wanted somebody to take care of. I wanted somebody to cuddle with. It took me a while to get into their animal just because I had pets prior to moving down here. And it was kind of tragic, everything that happened. So it took me a while to get another pet but I went to the pound just to look. And he was in the back of the shelter like in a corner by himself because. He was being outrageously annoying, which you still are, sir.

And I like looked at his shelter name. And it was the same as my previous cat when I had adopted her at the shelter. So that was like, that’s why I got him. I actually wanted a female and I wanted a younger cat because he was about four months already when I got him. But you know, his name is the reason why I was like, Okay, this is a sign you’re the one that I’m supposed to get. And then it actually took me like two months to rename him. I just called him my son for the first two months because I didn’t know what to name him. I had originally like, picked Zeus because he was scared of everything. And I was like, let me give you some strength, you know, at least in your name, so that you can grow some balls, even though I had them cut off.

But it wasn’t until like, like after the two month mark. I was like yelling at him one night, because he likes to fuck with everything just to piss me off. It’s very manipulative. Like if I have something next to me that I like, he will knock it off, just so that I have to pick it up off the floor. And that’s his game, you know? So I’m constantly screaming at him like, are you serious? Like, are you fucking serious? And I love Harry Potter. So I actually ended up naming him Sirius to go like after the Harry Potter character, so it’s spelt that way. And he’s a black cat. So it’s very fitting besides the fact that Sirius Black was actually a dog.

2024 plans

I actually have a lot of really fun things planned for 2024 I don’t know the timeline of when things will be released. But I plan on shooting them in 2024. I can’t tell you guys but there will be some firsts coming out. I have a vision and I’m just waiting for the person that’s willing to put my vision together, which I have high hopes but I definitely have some big plans some big anal plans this year. I’ve been doing and keep putting out lots of amazing scenes. I’ve gotten a lot of really amazing opportunities since taking home that award so definitely expect the best this year. As for like where you guys can find me the easiest place is probably just to go to my Twitter and hit my Linktree. It has everything in it. I actually just got deleted on Instagram. So for the 100th time I do have a new amount but it’s like I feel like it’s no use in saying my instagram username if it changes every six months so is where you can find my OnlyFans and then the Chanel Camryn is my Twitter honestly, if you just Google Chanel  Camryn XXX, you’ll find everything that you’re looking for.

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