Top Five Crazy Outdoor Sex Clips

Summer is in full swing, the weather is scorching, and Independence Day is just one day away. In the porn calendar, that means it’s time to get into the spirit of the season and watch some exciting outdoor sex scenes. Outdoor sex clips are now on sale, and to celebrate we have put together five of the craziest outdoor sex clips we could find. Check them out below!

Picnic Day

Image courtesty of AltPorn4U.

Sometime’s all you wanna eat at the scenic daytime picnic is a heaping hot helping of your best friend’s soaking snatch. These two gals made ample preparation by not inviting any other friends. They set their picnic down by beautiful running water and some rugged mountains. Alas, the picnic itself was nothing but a ruse. They did not even take a single bite of apple before beginning to fiddle the private parts on each other’s bodies. Nipples, pussies, butts, the fingers get everywhere. The slopping sounds of fingers digging through wet vaginal canals sing in harmony with the flowing water of the nearby river, creating a gorgeous sound and visual presentation for this outdoor sex scene.

Asian Girls Have Sex with Their Men Together on the Beach

Image courtesy of Amorz.

The Japanese sure know how to innovate. In the scorching heat, everyone wants to go to the beach to cool off by the water. And yeah, usually they wanna fuck, too. After all, everyone is walking around with their shirts off, in scantily clad clothing showing off their breasts, ass cheeks, and throbbing abs. But private beach fucks are so out of style. This scene revolutionizes the genre by making it the event of the season: five Japanese beauties lined up and getting back pumped by their respective men. They stand ankle deep in the water, thrusting in unison and creating a happy community environment for all to enjoy.  Next time you fuck at the beach, be sure to do it with friends!

Fit Beauty Gives Him Head and Rides His Big Cock

Image courtesy of Private.

When the dick is thick and pure, you must scream to the heavens to let them know you have received their blessing. The only place to do that, of course, is atop of a tall mountain. There’s several reasons for this; you will be closer to the sky so the gods can your screams of orgasm; the fresh mountain air can breeze freely through your thick natural bush; you can unleash all your sexual whims and reactions with no one around for miles; the physical intensity of the climb beforehand builds an anticipation and sense of reward. Julia Roca’s perfect body, carnal shouts, and athletic top position make this scene an intense physical workout with all the spirit and wonder of the outdoors on full display.

Scene 3 from ‘Mamazon’

Image courtesy of Score.

The trope of the mythical Amazonian women has been around for ages. Just the same, the trope of making physically demanding, erotic love to these giant blonde, built, natural goddesses has been around for just as long. These sweet creatures live in the forest, and don’t take kindly to outsiders. This scene features the absolutely stacked Kali West demanding tribute from some bumbling guy who found himself in an Amazonian prison. The prison is outside, with the cell made of wood. Kali pulls her breasts out to reveal two heavyweight balls of joy, and she sucks his dick in-between the wooden bars. It’s a great take on a prison fuck, with the twist of having it take place in the great outdoors with a mythical big breasted woman.

Busty Babes Karlee Grey and Angela White Take Turns with His Cock

Image courtesy of Reality Kings.

What’s more patriotic than hot chicks in uniform? Having a messy sweaty threesome with those hot chicks in uniform. Angela White and Karlee Grey engage in an outdoor patriotic fuckfest that includes plenty of lesbian action, pussy licking, and dick riding. The scene takes place out in the wilderness, utilizing the the charm of the inherent romantic nature of being alone in the outdoors. There’s perhaps nothing more primal than fucking in the woods, and doing it in camo is just that little bit of extra of sexiness that makes this scene a winner.

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