Leana Lovings

The Rundown: ‘Babysitter Sex Stories’ (Featured Video)


Penthouse presents Babysitter Sex Stories, four individual sexy pornographic stories about various babysitter encounters. It stars Leana Lovings, Khloe Kingsley, Skyler Storm, and Scarlett Sage as babysitters who end up taking monstrous penises on their visits.

Scene highlights

Leana Lovings kicks in the door with with her midriff showing and tits flowing in the wind. She’s babysitting a rambunctious teen who is trying to trash his parent’s house. She takes his phone and crawls onto his bed. There’s only one way to keep him occupied: hot sex with mama Leana. She rubs him outside of his pants and his boner stiffens immediately. He is completely under Leana’s control, so she sits back and lets him come to her. He kisses her up and down her body and pulls her breasts out from under her shirt. He sucks on those for a while and then goes for her shorts. He finds his prize between her legs and makes his way down. In a beautiful, intimate moment, Leana asks, “is that what you want?” And he responds, “really bad.”

Other scene highlights include Khloe Kingsley getting her throat pipes flushed out by Ryan Drillers big dong. She deep throats it with great sound effects and it looks wonderful to see her mouth agape and sucking, all whilst her silky blonde hair is neatly pulled back. Skyler Storm gets railed from behind and her eyes roll to the back of her head, her words roll as she yells “oh my god! Fuck!” With increasing intensity. Scarlett Sage lies back as Sam Shock fills her up. She looks up at him with delight and anticipation as he increasing speed and she shakes and moans on the couch.


“Oh no we’re not done yet. Your parents booked me for the whole weekend. We’ve got a couple more rounds to go.” Leana Lovings after fucking Ricky Spanish.

As they say, one good turn deserves another, and we appreciate Leana alluding to the idea of going multiple rounds. The same way we will be when watch this again and again.

Why we love it

Nailing the babysitter can be tricky. It’s a classic fantasy for plenty of dads, and the lines between professionalism and pleasure are easily blurred. In Babysitter Sex Stories the babysitters are the ideal horny young women, ready to fuck anything at a moment’s notice, and it serves the movie well. The girls put it great, energetic performances full of noise and passion. It’s no nonsense and extremely arousing from the get go. If you like sexy young women, or babysitters, or both, this babysitting adventure will have you coming back again and again.

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