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Elly Clutch Interview: ‘I Can’t Wait to See What Happens Next’

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Elly Clutch puts the “creative” in content creation. Though she has not yet dabbled in studio pornography, she loves crafting inventive video scenarios in a variety of settings and themes. It’s all in a day’s work for this former teacher who has gone from broadening horizons to stoking libidos in photoshoots for Playboy, Penthouse, and more. She gained further notice in the adult world when XBIZ spotlighted her earlier this year. In this new interview, she discusses her journey to content creation, her previous jobs, her experiences with world-famous brands, her nerdy side, and much more.

Adult Empire: Talk a little bit about your background. How did you get into adult entertainment?

Elly Clutch: I used to stream on Twitch, and I had a lot of viewers asking, and I needed the money- so I figured, why not?

I ended up starting up my OnlyFans and I fell in love with adult work.

According to XBIZ, you spent some time teaching. Tell us about that experience. What did you love the most and least about it?

I was an English Second Language teacher abroad when I was in college! I took a couple terms off to go and experience the world. I ended up being there for 9 months, and it was incredibly difficult, but amazing for my growth as a person.

You told XBIZ that you are “super passionate about creating porn that is intimate, refreshing, and exciting.” What’s the key to creating a fresh, dynamic video?

This is different for everyone, but for me, it’s channeling a part of me that is honest and earnest, and feels enthusiastic about the moment. I do a LOT of role play, but there’s always pieces of myself in everything I do. When it comes down to it my main motivation to creating a great scene is wanting to have a really, really great time.

In what ways has your style as a creator changed in response to fan reactions and feedback?

I wouldn’t say my style has changed so much as I’ve just refined and expanded! I’m constantly learning tiny things I can change in order to make a better film and be a better performer- and sometimes, people point things out that I didn’t even originally notice that they love, like the fact that I always ask consent in role-play scenarios because that’s what comes naturally, or the way I make eye contact with the camera, or the fact I smile a lot while performing.

I LOVE experimenting with different looks, filming styles, locations, and narratives so my audience never gets tired of what I create, while still keeping the charm people like.

Talk about your shoot for Penthouse. What did it mean to you to be named a Penthouse Pet?

My shoot for Penthouse was literally a dream — to have a whole crew there to take care of me for the day and help create something beautiful was incredible. They made me feel so comfortable and special, and getting to see the three different photoshoots come out over this last month has been surreal. I am seriously honored to be a part of their family. I can’t wait to see what it brings.

You’ve also done shoots for Playboy. How did that compare with your Penthouse experience? From your perspective, what are the biggest differences between those two famous brands?

I have! I was April All-Star for Playboy Plus, which was another incredible experience- they even rented a vintage car for me to pose on top of! They are very different in the sense of the length of the shoot, as well as the photography style. I would definitely say Penthouse has more of a signature classic look, whereas Playboy tends to differ shoot by shoot. I think it’s just two different mentalities- shooting for print in a physical magazine versus shooting for an online magazine. Both companies were open to my ideas and incredibly supportive to me!

Your YouTube channel is really taking off. What are your plans for it?

Thank you so much- it’s unexpected, but I’m having so much fun with it! I love having another creative outlet for long-form content.

I’m definitely looking forward to doing more vlogs and fashion-related videos- I love connecting with my fans and showing them my life.

In your XBIZ profile, you’re jokingly described as a “fun-loving nerd.” What is the nerdiest thing about you?

I have a PC set-up where I game regularly that I built, and I attended Magiccon this last year!

May was Masturbation Month. How has your personal attitude toward masturbation evolved over the years?

Masturbation is SO good for you. I think taking time to feel good and be in touch with your body is a super positive thing! Sometimes my approach is to take my time, but if I am having a busy day, I’ll prioritize having a little quickie with myself.

I’m a master masturbator and can make myself finish in about two minutes with a vibrator and my mind alone. It’s great for stress relief and coming up with new video plots!

Could you ever envision yourself shooting conventional studio pornography and full-length adult features?

In the future if there was ever a project I wanted to be a part of, or something I was  passionate about- or if I’m able to produce my own.

I find so much satisfaction and fulfillment having creative freedom, writing my own scripts, and implementing my own fantasies and ideas.

I’d love to produce or co-produce and direct my own full length feature!

What’s next for Elly Clutch?

Better sex, more fun, and growing more creatively, as well as lifting up my community around me!

These last six months have been incredible — I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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