The Rundown: ‘M.I.L.F.S’ (Featured Video)


Dorcel is delivering a new film based on one of our favorite themes, M.I.L.F. (Mom’s I’d Like to Fuck). They have assembled a sexy cast with Shalina Devine, Mariska, Veronica Leal, and Jadilica. We will also see great threesome combinations and even a sweet solo scene. The story takes place in Budapest as Shalina goes on a trip of self-discovery after catching her husband cheating on her.


Scene Highlights

The story starts with Shalina planning her day being driven in her car. Then we are quickly taken in the bedroom of her husband who has a sexy brunette named Jadilica with his in the marital bed. She is nervous about the situation, but he tells her to relax because Shalina will not be home for a long time. He quickly has her pants off and starts munching on her delicate and perfect looking pussy. She rides him hard while he fucks her tight ass nicely. Then he fucks her ass from behind and explodes a huge load on her sexy ass.

Damn, he was wrong! Shalina walks in on her husband and his lover when she arrives back at the house after her trip. They have a little chat where she tells him she is going on vacation without him. Next, we see her poolside with her best girlfriend Mariska. They get around and take in the sights and it looks as beautiful as they are. Later that night while at the hotel she hears some sex noises. She goes in search of the moaning sounds, is it in her head? She pleasures herself along by the pool to the slapping and moaning noises she hears. Turns out the noises came from the couple next door. They apologize for being loud and invite her over for some fun.

Spending her afternoon poolside with the Veronica Leal and her husband does lead to a sexy kind of relaxation. It starts when Veronica removes Shalina’s bikini bottom and licks her pussy. Her husband watches from his lounge chair while stroking his cock until he can’t take it anymore. He comes over to join in and he gets his cock into Shalina’s pussy first as she rides him. The he pounds into his lovely wife while the girls make out. It’s a beautiful day at the pool.

Now Mariska has a date, she needs a little cock too. She aggressively goes after this tatted stud she has found while riding in his bike with him. Things are very steamy back at the room when she dry humps him wearing negligee. She strokes him hard, and he complains that she is going to make him cum too fast, and she does. He blows his load all over his own stomach. Then he uses his mouth to give her some satisfaction. Soon he is ready to fuck her, impressive and he gives it to her hard. She likes getting her ass smacked while he drills her. She invites him to meet Shalina tomorrow. Once Shalina meets him, she says she wants to fuck both of them. She admits to always wanting to taste hir best friend’s pussy. They go back to the room and have a wretched threesome fuck together.

Shalina is really loving her life of independence and adventure. Next, she wants to try a different kind of sex activity with her own little gangbang. She finds three studs by the pool, and she is wearing the sexiest outfit ever. It shows off her MILF body perfectly. She takes turn sucking cocks while one of them pounds into her pussy. The sun cascades on the group as they all enjoy the fun in the sun. She eats every drop of cum from the three socks and finishes with a selfie and the three big socks to send to her husband.



“I give you five minutes then you get the fuck out of here.” Quotes from the epic argument between the two “Running to her cunt without even thinking of thinking of me, you are definately and asshole.”


“You don’t need to tell me about your afternoon, I heard it all.” Mariska says to Shalina as she returns from her sexy afternoon with the couple


“I had such a good time, I had so many orgasms.” Shalina tells her husband about her sexy afternoon with the couple


Why We Love It

Everything about it is beautiful! The ladies, the scenery, even the studs that get to fuck them are all nicely hung and buff. I love the storyline a lot, one man’s mistake leads to another life for the sexy Shalina. I could have thought up some better titles for the movie than M.I.L.F.S. because they may be older, but neither had children that we know of. Something like “A New Life” or “Wife Revenge” would have fit better but I do agree I’d like to fuck these two MILFS. This movie will not let you down, if you know what I mean. It’s also a great adventure to watch with your partner on date night – it’s perfect for that!

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