The Rundown: ‘Compulsion’ 20th Anniversary Director’s Cut (Featured Video)


Compulsion won 15 adult awards worldwide in 2004, including honors like Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, and Best Original Screenplay. This classic Elegant Angel film skyrocketed Axel Braun’s legendary career, who has come back to provide a 20th anniversary director’s cut.

The plot follows a guy named Nikki who leaves Europe after being framed for murder. He falls in love with father’s new wife. Oh, and his dad is a mob boss!

Scene Highlights

Our hero Nikki, played by Kurt Lockwood, gets his dick sucked and serviced by two hot blonde broads in the back of a smoky 80s looking club. They tend to his meat like servants, becoming enthralled in the process while he pushes their two heads into his tip. Across the bar there are two other incredibly fit and sexy chicks eating each other’s pussies. This scene introduces us to the no-holds-barred sexual attitude of the film.

Nikki aggressively fingers Ava Vincent, whose blonde curls provide an angelic aura to her presence. He spanks her thighs and her pussy and drives his tongue into her. Ava rolls on top and grinds him like a supercharged bunny, pushing her hips forward and flapping her tits with them.

There is a hardcore steamy anal fuck between Katrina Kraven and Mr. Biggz that provides a great respite from all the blondes, as Katrina is a dark raven-haired beauty with some tattoos. We see her ass completely stretched and filled by Mr. Biggz cock as Katrina begs for more. It’s sweaty and passionate with lots of cum and dedicated performance.

The grand sexual climax comes when Nikki kisses his father’s new bombshell wife. He’s been crushing on her all movie and then approaches her in the

pool. He kisses her, she spits in his face, then they go at each other like rabid hyenas. Ashley Long sucks on his balls, delicately cradles them in her mouth, then moves to his dick where she deep throats like her life depends on it. She straddles him up against the pool and rides. After that she bends over and takes it up the ass. “Oh yeah!” She yells out,

pushed her ass back into him, forcing the dick further inside her. Her desire is clear and she makes it a point to control the flow and engage. Ashley’s asshole is fucked for so long and from so many different angles that I began to wonder if they would ever stop. It was beautiful.

Other highlights: Renee Pornero and Rachel Rotten get fucked hard in a colorful orgy full of trippy imagery and punk rock aesthetics. It’s hectic and dark, and they trade partners and service one another freely in a messy conglomerate of dicks, pussies, tits, mouths, and limbs.

The movie ends with a bang, a scene some might call sick and twisted. One that will push your sexual psyche to the limit, and that you must experience for yourself.


“I mean, obviously the beginning is different. It started from a different place and goes back, but there’s so many things that you wouldn’t see that I’d cut like you know, two seconds from the story or an entire position from the sex scene. There’s a ton of stuff. It took me months to work through this and when you see the footage, the 4k footage is like wow.” – Axel Braun, Adult Empire Podcast

You can feel the passion oozing from Axel in this quotation about his new and improved director’s cut of Compulsion. He put in months of work to give a cut that fits his current vision.

Why we love it

Compulsion is a beautiful looking film. It’s visually striking and psychologically arousing. You can see all the talent in it that Axel Braun ends up displaying through the rest of his career, and it’s immediately apparent you’ve never seen a porn movie quite like this one. From the crime narrative to the noir tone to the vulgar language and characters, it sucks you into another world full of desire and deep erotic fantasy.

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