Pride Month: Top Five Amirah Adara Clips

What makes for a great pornstar? One who is really comfortable with their sexuality and has that natural ability to go both ways. One of those stars is Amirah Adara who comes to us from Hungary. She is a thin, tight beauty who chose her name to pay homage to her Arabic appearance. She has received many accolades for her straight performances with anal and double penetration. Her lesbian content though is off the charts. She is one of those stars I am talking about that does it right going wither way. Let’s take a look at five of her hottest lesbian scenes to celebrate along with Pride month.


A Lesbian Party of 4

from Pure Neon

We start at the gym where an intense training session is taking place. Soon this gets taken into the ring for Amirah to show off her fighting skills. It doesn’t take long for passion to ignite, and the clothes start coming off. The sexual energy coming from Amirah makes all the girls hot and they all begin to lick each other in a nice quad session. This scene is sexy art the way these four girls line up in a circle to lick each other’s pussy. Next, they break out the dildo’s to penetrate pussies and asses. It gets very intense and is one of the hottest lesbian scenes I have ever watched. It all starts with Amirah!


Four Gorgeous Girls Lick Each Other and Enjoy Penetration with Toys

from Bad Girls Lesbian Addiction

This scene by DORCEL starts out in crisp lighting with Amirah and three other girls wearing sexy lingerie kissing and touching each other. Amirah has this totally sexy seductive look about her that can capture any guy or any woman. These girls focus on each other one by one, so three of them are providing all the pleasures to one lucky girl at a time. When it comes to Amirah’s turn she takes a thick dildo into her ass. It looks like it is the best thing she has ever felt as she moans wildly. Then the girls add a second dildo sliding it into her pussy for some double penetration play which makes her cum wildly. Amirah easily steals this scene with the most attention and hottest performance.


Amirah Adara and Alya Stark Have a Mash Up Good Time

from Rub, Lick & Suck My Wet Pussy #5

We get to enjoy the view of Amirah’s sweet body as she gets changed into something more revealing. She wants to seduce her girlfriend away from her gaming addiction. They have a dancing pole in their room where she does a sexy dance that captures her attention. Once she has it, she prances over to the couch to jump on her girl and give her some passionate kisses. These two sexy girls work their fingers on each other’s pussy to pure delight. A very sweet sixty-nine position next with nice tongue action. Then they mash their pussies together like one of them has a cock, it looks so hot. Maybe her girlfriend Alya Stark has a new addiction!


Classy Ladies Amirah Adara and Zazie Skymm Lick Each Other

from I Did A Lesbo MILF

In this scene Amirah is a tall glass of milk, er she is getting a tall glass of milk from Zazie Skymm as they share breakfast together. The scene has a classic vibe to it and Amirah looks as hot as she always does. Amirah suddenly stands up and removes her panties as an invitation for Zazie to come over and feast on her sweet pussy. She likes what she is getting as she stays in there for some long cunnlingus. Amirah reciprocates by licking Zazie’s ass while rubbing her pussy. Then they hop in the shower to rub each other down and make everything fresh. Then they head off to the bedroom where Amirah gets her pussy licked some more, and more intensely this time. They rub their pussies together like they are connected as one person. It is a very sensual scene.


Three Girls on a Couch: Amirah Adara, Tiffany Tatum & Veronica Leal

from Temple of Flesh 2

Amirah is on vacation with her sexy girlfriends Tiffany Tatum and Veronica Leal. They are checking out the hotel suite and settling on the couch ready to party. Now to find the right outfit, they check out Amirah’s luggage while she is out of the room. They find the package filled with many big dildo’s and their reaction is priceless. Amirah returns to the room with a laugh as she is caught with her naughty secret. Naturally the girls talk about the toys as Amirah describes them all with some show and tell. One thing leads to another, and the girls are trying out all these treasures together on the couch. Nobody uses the toys as well as Amirah does though. Again, she steals the scene with her sexual energy and these other two girls love her as much as I do.


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