Valentina Fox strikes a pose.

Podcast: Valentina Fox Interview

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Valentina Fox will make you beg her to drain your bank account.

You’ll implore her to let you come and she’ll say no over and over again.

She’ll leave you with a ridiculous “goon” face.

She may even inspire you to do unimaginable things with tacos. (More on that later.)

And you will just keep coming back for more.

The fetishes that Fox has mastered are, at times, counterintuitive to the casual, vanilla viewer. But she’s a canny observer of human psychology who realized that traditional sex scenarios are not the sole pathway to pleasure. In the latest edition of the Adult Empire Podcast, this popular content creator explains how she created and nurtured her growing “female supremacist” brand.

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Interview topics and transcript

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The Valentina Fox brand

I definitely focus a lot on gooning, heavy on mental domination, mind fucking and recently, I’ve been focusing a lot on porn addiction. So I have a lot of “porn addicts” that watch my videos and gooners — which is you know, there’s some overlap. Yeah, I would say my domination style is more sensual kind of playful, teasing. And my outfits usually, yeah, now I’m wearing leather, but usually it’s just kind of like “girl next door” kind of outfits, like unassuming dominatrix outfits.

What is gooning?

It’s like extreme edging, like prolonged edging for like, hours and hours. And it’s kind of like gets you to like a meditative kind of trance state, almost kind of like an out of body experience once they’ve been doing it for hours and hours at a time.

First encounter with gooning

I think I made my first gooning video in 2019 or early 2020. And it actually was a custom request. And it immediately was my top selling clip, once I put it out publicly. And as soon as I started domming, I was very into denial. And, you know, like, even when people would book like Skype sessions with me like a JOI session, and they would book for like, maybe 10 minutes. A lot of them have this idea that like, they’re just going to get to come at the end of 20 Min, or at the end of 10 minutes. And I was very big on like, no, I want you to continue stroking for me, I want you to keep these blue balls, like you’re not just going to get like instant gratification every time you want it. You know, because I don’t think I mean, I talked about this in an interview with Mistress Blunt recently, kind of the balance of dommes to balance, giving the customer what they want. But then obviously, the customer is not fully in control in a domme/submissive relationship. So kind of like pushing their boundaries a little bit each time. And yeah, that kind of led right into gooing because blue balls and denial were so big a part of my brand.

Starting out in the industry / BDSM

I think I’ve always been a pretty dominant personality, not just in a sexual way, just like with friends, like in any type of relationship, I tend to take the leader role. And so my mom ran the house growing up and my dad was definitely a female supremacist. He would say things all the time, like, men are just so stupid for beautiful women or just like a lot of things that I just grew up, kind of hearing that and like knowing that women have a lot of power over men. And then like seeing my parents, they definitely probably wouldn’t describe it as a female-led relationship because they’re not into like kink or BDSM or anything like that. But any big decision, my mom was making the decision. She was the boss at work. Like any anything I wanted to ask, always ask my mom. Yeah, so I think seeing that definitely gave me like a good start.

And then I moved to New York City when I was 18. And then I was like, I know I have this power of women. I know that I’m attractive. And I know that I get a lot of male attention. But I’m like, what can I do with that? Like, how can I like, get something out of that besides just dates, or like, you know, a bunch of boyfriends. And so I dip my toe into sugaring. It really was not for me. I really did not like that dynamic. And like the sugar daddy, like trying to tell me what to do. Or like, I just didn’t like that power dynamic. I was a makeup artist at the time. And so I was working actually, in the sex industry. I was doing like strippers, makeup escorts porn stars, and a few big dominatrixes through a few adult media companies. And yeah, I got introduced to my first pro domme through one of those sets, and was just talking to her kind of about my experience in New York. And she told me to read this book called Hoe Tactics, which is a lot about mental manipulation. And it just kind of opened my eyes to like, what else is out there? And what other kinds of dynamics there are? Because I hadn’t really even heard of femme domme  until I met a pro domme. I guess I knew what a dominatrix was, but I’ve never really like explored that.

Background as a makeup artist

Knowing how to do makeup for camera has been so helpful with my career. And not just that, but just because I worked on a lot of sets, too. I was working with so many different photographers. And I had a really good understanding of how lighting works and how they do different angles and different takes. So yeah, definitely when I’m watching porn, or honestly, any media, I’m looking at their makeup, how they did their hair, and how they’re shooting it and where the lighting is coming from? And that has been, especially knowing lighting, has been so helpful with making content.

Porn and lighting

So right now I have to I have two barndoor lights on me but they’re basically like soft boxes. And then I think it’s always important to have some light behind you as well. Or other interesting lights in the frame. And then yeah, so usually when I shoot I have three lights, behind me or in front of me so I have like my camera set up with around a ring light. And then I have two soft boxes on either side and then sometimes colored lights in it as well. And then always some type of light next to me here behind me to keep the background lit up. And I do a lot on the green screen too. So especially for green screen lighting is like super important because if you get any shadows, it’s so hard to edit that. So for that just sometimes I’ll even have four lights surrounding me.

Fan suggestions versus original ideas

A lot of my bestselling clips are inspired by sessions with subs or even work custom clips that I kind of reformat for everyone else. I think a lot of slaves share common fantasies. Actually my top-selling clip series is “Porn Addicts Anonymous,” the 12 steps series, following the actual a 12 step program. That one was my idea, just kind of felt like it was aligned with a lot of my clients. And that one did really well. Sometimes though, subs tell me like very, very specific fantasies. And they’re like, Oh, I really wish you would make a video like, have you wearing this specific outfit saying this specific, like just very specific things that where I can just tell that, like, that’s not really going to sell well. So I do definitely try to always think about that beforehand. Like if it’s going to be like just for this one person, or if like everybody is going to be able to relate to it and watch it.

Unusual erotic scenarios

I think a lot of vanilla men aren’t really familiar with denial. You know, usually they jerk off and they come or they have vanilla sex and the end goal is that they come. And I think a lot of people that are eroticized being rejected in like a public situation like that either have been rejected by people and it’s kind of a coping mechanism, like a way to sexualize that and turn it into a fantasy rather than a really scary awful thing. I know especially for like SPH, small penis humiliation, that’s really big like, because they have a huge fear of unzipping their pants in front of a woman. So if they do it enough times to a domme and are humiliated enough, you know, real-life rejection doesn’t feel as bad and might even feel hot at that point. I think that the flip side of it is sometimes people who have never been told no in their life and never been rejected really like to feel that and like feel like a little bit degraded.

I think I think a lot of vanilla people might be afraid to explore negative emotions. But they can be very erotic and like can be really enjoyable and yeah, I’ve definitely introduced a lot of men to femdom and gotten them more into humiliation than they thought that they would be. But I think it’s all about like, how much a lot of them it’s more about me and like just being so obsessed with me and then like me laughing in their face. And like I said, my style is very kind of like flirty and giggly so I’m not like really mean. The things I’m saying are mean. But I’m saying them really sweet and playfully. So it’s confusing.

Subs and dommes

I think the more I explored with denial, and the more I pushed that, the more into that I got, because like I said, I think a lot of subs have like an idea of, okay, I pay for the session, she’s going to give me a JOI, and then I come. But then the focus isn’t on me; the control isn’t on me. So flipping that and saying, no, you’re not going to come, I want you to keep jerking off to me. I want you to keep messaging me telling me how it’s going. I definitely am very good at like building parasocial relationships. Even with people that I haven’t even talked to. And like speaking to the camera, like they’re here with me, or we’re having a really intimate moment. And I also think a big part of it is that a lot of submissive men, in their everyday life or with their romantic partners, they’re not comfortable exploring their submissive side. So maybe they have a huge fetish for feet, or for humiliation or for denial or for any of these things, but they don’t feel like anyone understands them. So I think when I say things that hit home, like it hit so many points for them that they can relate to, they’re like, wow, she really understands me. And I really feed off of that. I’m like, I am your safe space. I’m the only one who gets you. I’m the only one you can talk to about this. And it’s true.

Finding the right balance: he did what with tacos?

I think the farthest it’s ever gone, especially on a Skype call — someone shit into tacos and ate it. And it started as a joke and me being like, what would you do. And he was like, “I don’t know. Like, I’m really, really kind of fucked up right now. I feel like in a trance.” So I kept kind of making jokes about it, and then he did it. He blocked me — after, he blocked me. But then he came back a couple of months later. That’s how it usually goes. I feel like that’s the furthest I’ve ever taken. And I definitely do have a really good sense of where the actual hard boundaries are. It can be hard with online sessions because a lot of times we don’t have safe words because obviously consent is you continuing to be there. You can hang up or log off or block me at any point if you really don’t want to be involved in it or what I’m saying.

But especially because I do a lot of financial domination that can always be tricky — how much can you take,  how much can you push it and if you ask for too much too quickly that can like scare subs away. And I think that is even the even when I’ve talked to dommes who have 10 years more experienced than me, they say the same thing. It’s always kind of with each sub kind of like a feeling it out kind of thing. And some subs eroticized you pushing their boundaries. They want to say no and then have you like push it further and say no we’re going to do it anyway. Or no, I can’t send any more, goddess. Have mercy! But they don’t actually want you to have mercy. So it can be definitely a lot of feeling it out with each one. I’ve definitely especially when I was like newer I definitely especially with the femdom aspect would say too high of a number too fast. And then they would be like, oh, I can’t do it and just stop talking to me. So in that way kind of took things a little too far too fast. But then I’ve also done the flip side where I’ve felt like I’ve gotten really easy on someone and only taken a couple $100. And they’re kind of telling me oh, I’m scared, I’m scared. And then I go on Twitter later, and I see like a domme that I’m mutual with, and I recognize the person being drained and they’re posting like 1000s of dollars, and then I’m like, oh, wow, like I really could have pushed that farther. I really could have taken more but so it definitely is like a given a take with that with those kinds of boundaries.

Financial domination

Yeah, I think a lot of people, especially because it’s gone viral so many times recently, a lot of people think that it is money for nothing, which is like very, very rare. The amount of true financial submissives, people who really eroticized findom are very few and far between. And usually it’s a mix of other fetishes as well. So it all boils down to control. They all want the control over their money, their lifestyle. And then a lot of it, too, is kind of like eroticizing women who have a lot more money and don’t need your money and they don’t want to pay people who need money. They don’t want to pay people who are using their money for the bills. They would rather pay people who are going to take their $100 bills and throw them out the window or waste them on pointless designer stuff.

But I think a lot of people, like I said, kind of think that it’s it’s just findom, but most of my subs have a lot of other fetishes and the control is just kind of over their entire self. And a few subs, like my own subs, we have budgets and they they pay me pretty much everything. One of my subs actually offered to hook his direct deposit from his work directly up to my account, and then I would be giving him enough money to live. I said no, for tax reasons, don’t. I don’t want to do taxes. But yeah, I mean, I think like I said, just a lot of people think that findom is like just femdom. Most of my highest paying clients, it’s more about the control. And it really feeds into vanilla a lot and like, Oh, you’re so out of control. Right now. You’re so mindless. I want another 100! I’ll keep going, keep jerking and then another one, like, and it just kind of goes into those other sessions. It’s very rare, like I said, that someone strictly just wants to pay.

And it also goes into the humiliation and kind of like, oh, you’re such a pathetic loser, like you’re barely going to have enough to eat for the rest of the month and I’m going to go take this money and go out to a $500 dinner tonight. You know, just like that, they really eroticized especially. But not all of them are into the humiliation aspect. But like you said, a lot of the times with the findom especially the bankruptcy, it is a fetish. And most of them I’ve seen do have like some other type of like money, either their money’s in crypto or like a different savings account. So they’ll send me pictures of one bank account that zeroed out but then somehow the next day they’re doing it again.

Quirks and fetishes

I definitely have realized that I have a foot fetish for my own feet being worshipped and definitely probably a boot fetish as well. Love boots, and I love when I meet subs with a foot fetish or especially with heels or boot fetish. Because they’re like, oh, I can spend hours just like looking at pictures of boots and I’m like me yeah, definitely. Also just denial and like blue balls. Like I don’t I don’t know if that’s like exactly a fetish because it’s kind of have like a broader thing, too. But yeah, it definitely has made me realize how much I love denial. And I think that’s something I’ve always kind of been like, I don’t know, I remember like, even in high school, like kind of hooking up with a guy and then, like, not feeling it and like being like, nevermind and leaving. And I’m telling my friends and my friends being like, oh my god, like, how could you do that? I just like leave him with blue balls.

Cam star versus traditional studio star

I’m definitely a control freak about my content, like I want everything edited a certain way. I want the lighting a certain way. So I like having full control over it. That’s actually one of the things I definitely like, most especially from my background as a makeup artist and working on so many sets that I had no creative control over. And then now like any any idea that I have, I can do it. I can bring it to life, which is amazing. And I know people will buy it, too, which is even more amazing.

But yeah, definitely the flip side is like I feel like I’m always like drowning in stuff to edit stuff to film, keeping up with my fan sites, keeping up with emails, been doing a lot more interviews recently. And then like you said, just like even just like setting up the lights and the camera and everything. Like setting up my set picking out the outfits for everything making like rough scripts, I usually shoot like six to eight clips a day when I’m shooting, and yeah, so that that part definitely. I know a few dommes have like their own team, and they have someone who edits for them and even shoots videos for them, which maybe one day, but it’s also I’ve had an editor before, I don’t know but it was it was hard for me to give up creative control. And then I feel like sometimes I’m watching the video over and over like kind of being nitpicky because someone else did it that it almost takes the same amount of time.


Yeah, I definitely try to do like one kind of complex — I’d put out three to four clips a week usually. And I’ll do try to do one clip a week that’s a little bit more difficult. So like I said, I just did the Porn Addicts Anonymous series. And that definitely required a lot more like mental prep because I’m like actually read it, I actually read the whole 12 Steps book and then was like, applying kind of applying it to like porn addiction instead of alcoholism. So that kind of required a lot more like mental work. Other things like just like a JOI like that’s super easy, and I don’t really even have to think about it. So I have like a few set filming areas that are I film here, I film on my bed. And then I film on my green screen. I think having three or four is like perfect. Yeah, so I have three three in this apartment that I like to use. So I’ll do maybe three on the bed three on the couch and two green screen videos. And then I’ll pick out outfits for each one. Lay them out and then yeah, start on the bed do the three clips there come in here change set up the lighting again. But yeah, it always takes longer than I think it’s going to just like moving all the lights around and like.

Porn addiction

I’ve definitely read a lot about porn addiction especially just like when I was reading the 12 steps and just like addiction in general. Yeah, it’s not recognized as a real addiction. But it’s it’s hard for me to say that it’s not a real addiction because I have seen it ruin people’s lives and it definitely does become like a compulsive need where people will isolate for it. I think the main reason the main argument that it’s not an addiction is that it like lights up a different part of your brain than other addictions do and that you won’t go through like withdrawal with it. But yeah, so for my content purposes, I kind of mentioned that a lot in those videos. Like I said, a lot of mind fucking so I’m saying things in those videos porn addiction isn’t even real. Like this isn’t even a real addiction. So saying things like that, while also saying like, it’s your porn addiction’s fault that your life is like this. It’s porn fault. It’s you and porn, and how dumb your dick gets you. So some of my videos are kind of like blaming porn for it, and then other videos blaming them for it. I think that is like fun to play with, because it makes them feel even more out of control to like, say that I have a porn addiction. And it also in a way kind of like excuses, not excuses, their behavior what they’re doing, but gives them like, oh, well, I’m a porn addict. Like, this is what they do. And I think makes them feel a little less weird, maybe. But sometimes I like to make them feel more like this.

Creativity in language and dirty talk

I think I well, I think I’ve always been really good at like reading people and understanding people really quickly. So yeah, the porn addiction stuff, or just like any of the mind fucking stuff, I use a lot of like, personal elements when I’m talking to subs. I definitely ask a lot of questions when I’m getting to know subs and like, want to know their background like what makes them drawn to me what made them what I like to want to ask them, what their first memories of the fetishes are or the first memories of like being attracted to certain things. And that always tells me a lot a lot of them I found it is like childhood like this. Like they remember liking pantyhose when they’re like, really young, like it starts very young even before it’s like sexual. So I always like hearing things like that and asking those kinds of questions. And then also just like their relationship with like dating and like, I definitely bring up that kind of thing a lot. Like, oh, this is why you haven’t been on a date and a year, isn’t it? Like, are things like, oh, like your wife would never understand this. You can’t tell this tell her this. Like you have to keep coming to me if you want to talk about this. I think a lot of it and like feeding into the parasocial stuff and kind of getting deeper in their head with that. And then the clips I just kind of, like I said, a lot of things apply to like all of them, like a lot of a lot of things that one sup has told me when I repeat them or kind of like reframe it for a clip, a lot of subs relate. And I get messages like every day that are like, Oh, it feels like your video was talking to me. Like it feels like this was a custom clip or like, even from people that I’ve never even talked to, just because a lot of them have so many similarities.

Origins of her stage name

I don’t know. Honestly, it just it kind of just came to me and just like, felt right. And I actually found the Vietnam community in 2016. And I was too scared to like be phased out and like fully in the adult industry at that point. And I made a Valentina Fox account back then and like I was honestly super embarrassing like was tweeting like the fuck you pay me like was getting no interaction. I just didn’t know what I was doing. I wasn’t showing my face. And then I deleted it after like a week or two and was like, I don’t know, I’m bad at this and then always kind of had it in the back of my head. And then it’s so crazy. I was seeing this guy, maybe like a year later. And we were we were hooking up one time and he like looks down on I posted it. He’s like, he’s like, she’s, she’s his friend. She’s like, she’s so beautiful. Like, I just want to name her like, she’s so beautiful. And I was like, oh, yeah, like, what? What name do you think? And he’s like, Valentina, I like almost like fainted. I was like

Career role models

I’m probably Alexandra Snow — I love her. She just opened her own dungeon, this year. She’s one of the best clip producers, I think out there. And she also just started like, I think it’s starting in January [2024]. Like a course for other clip producers and other content creators. Like she’s so amazing about, like helping in the community and like, giving back but yeah, she’s just a powerhouse.

Elaborate scenarios

Because I am my own editor, there’s only so much that I know how to do. I am completely self taught with my editing. So sometimes I have ideas for like these really crazy effects or transitions or, like clip concepts. And I’m just like, I don’t even know how to even begin with that type of thing. And I think also,  I’ve definitely as I’ve gotten more successful, and my clips have gotten more popular, I’ve definitely learned that my creative ideas don’t always sell the best. And a lot of the clips that I have put a lot of time like I did one that was like, you know Coraline.

They’re like in that movie. There’s like the other mother and she has like button eyes. So I did a clip as her and I had like, I did like prosthetic, like glued, my eyes shut basically put like these big things over. It was so hard to shoot because I couldn’t see anything. And like did like a kind of black and white clip and have that like big wig that she wears like with the really angular cut. And it just like didn’t sell very well. And I took him it was really a lot of in like effects and like in the makeup, just everything. And I thought it was an amazing idea. But my fans sometimes like the more boring [stuff].

I’ve talked about that a lot with other content creators recently. And you can really burn yourself out doing things like that, oh, like and just constantly not getting really good feedback on it or not really getting many sales on it. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned especially this year has been like really honing in on what works for me and what my fans want to see. And then maybe like occasionally throwing out something really creative that I did for myself every now and then. But then I don’t get my feelings as hurt if it doesn’t sell as well as like the other things.

Working with a publicist

Yeah, I love Tanya [Tate from Star Factory PR]. She has been so helpful. I think specifically in like the findom niche or even the domme niche. It’s there aren’t very many people that have someone in PR  and there aren’t very many people that are, especially in the fandom community because it’s so online. And it’s very independent. And like you said, I’m not shooting for other for professional clips studios. And I’m not meeting unless I go out of my way to I’m not meeting other performers. So it can be like a really isolating niche. But like I said, I love the adult industry, I was involved in it before I was a sex worker. And so I definitely want my career to be I don’t want to be just like a findom like an online phenom like I want to be taken more seriously in the industry. And I think having Tanya has really helped me with that. And I’m nominated for my first expos award this year. Like quickly after I hired her, and then just even these interviews like I’d ever had was doing interviews like this before I hired her. And I didn’t even really know where to start. Or sometimes people would reach out to me, but I know sometimes, certain media publications just make sex workers look bad. So I didn’t want to like just agree to any interview. Yeah, it’s been amazing having Tanya and also she’s just great, setting up. Besides like the work stop. She’s been so amazing with like questions that I have, or like how certain things in the industry work, just because like I really don’t know, and there’s not very much like help or education online, if you don’t have someone to just ask.

Industry expos

I’m excited to see to meet more sex workers in person and to meet more companies. I definitely that’s one of my goals for this coming years to have more collaborations with adult brands. And I know that the conventions are like a great place to meet them. Yeah, like I’m just excited to go to an adult event because like I said, just my job like I work from home like I don’t ever have to leave my apartment if I don’t want to when I don’t have to talk to any other sex workers, because I don’t depend on them for like to shoot with them or anything like that. So it can be really isolating. And I am really excited to be around a lot of other sex workers and like, yeah, just that kind of energy, meet adult brands and hopefully get the Expos award and also meet my meet some of my fans I’m kind of curious to see like, how, like how much I’m going to be recognized because I know that this is more of like a porn event rather than like fetish like DOM stuff. And there aren’t too many Dom’s that I saw on the nominees list for the categories. So I’m like curious how many of my submissive fans will be there?

Introversion versus extroversion

I think I am introverted. I think I can seem like an extrovert. But But I definitely like my alone time and my space. And I definitely love the fact that I like work alone and like don’t depend on anyone else or Yeah, but I have met but my best friends are all dommes. Like most of my closest friends at this point are sex workers that I’ve met through the industry. So I definitely do try to keep some relationships with other dogs and other sex workers. I just don’t like prioritize meeting other sex workers like or trying to make friends. You know? It’s a job. I’m friendly with people but I don’t need to be friends with everybody.

Watching porn

I feel like I do watch porn less now than before I was in the industry. It’s also funny now because I definitely know a lot more porn stars or I’ll like be like a video will come up on PornHub and I’m like, Oh, I know her like I’ve done her makeup like. But I definitely still like I think because also I spend so much time on different porn sites, sometimes I do get kind of like sucked into videos and like yeah, videos that I didn’t think that I would really like like, especially like when I’m on like clips for sale and stuff, kind of just like browsing the categories and like what, how big the categories are.

Porn genres she likes

I liked so mental domination, obviously I do, on the findom side, but I’ve seen a few male performers that like have a big focus on like brat training and mental domination and I honestly thought that was really hot to like seeing the male doms do it well, because I feel like a lot of male doms that I’ve seen aren’t very good at like the mental part of it. And that to me is the hottest part of domination like less about like pain and more about like getting in someone’s head so yeah, there’s there’s a few of those a few stores and clubs for sale that I’ve seen that I’m like

TV shows she likes

I’ve been re-bingeing The Vampire Diaries. I watched that like when I was younger and now I’ve recently gotten back into it.


I do a lot of for fetish content, too. That’s definitely less popular, like my main. And my highest selling clip site is pretty much always I won’t clips. But that’s a lot more like femdom, like, face focused. Not vanilla, but like kind of, like softer than the clips for sale. I see a lot more like hardcore fetishes and a lot more like real time sessions and just like giantess for just like a lot, a lot broader fetishes than just like JOI denial. Kooning. Though, my giant test clips and like the war clips always do super well on clips for sale. And I love making those like I have a bunch of little tiny men and just like, put them on my tongue.

Social media: love it or hate it

I love it because I definitely make good money on it. And I like interacting with my fans sometimes. But especially Twitter I’ve been hating recently. I feel like every other sex worker I know is so shadow banned at this point. And like just getting bots replying to me.

Three things can’t live without

My animals — I have a dog, two cats. My phone probably honestly.

Most frequently used emoji

I think the little emoji with the giggle like the hand over the mouth.



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