The Rundown: ‘The Band’ (Featured Video)


Five shows in five weeks, what could go wrong? That’s what this touring band asks themselves before things turn into debauchery and sex. But they’re not the first. Some of the stories from Motley Crew’s biographies would make even the biggest perverts blush. Some tales of the Rolling Stones or KISS from their tour buses would haunt even the most avid partiers. So, then, the question becomes: can they keep the band together?

Scene highlights

Josh eats Sata Jones between her legs whilst she sits upon a picnic blanket by the river. It’s a whimsical scene akin to fantasy romance. Sata’s breasts rest teasingly on her chest, flannel shirt wide open and halfway off her arms. Josh bends her sideways and fucks her right in the ass, proving their desire for one another to be particularly ferocious. The way her rim wraps around his meat is striking in its tightness. This is the life of a rockstar: anal fucking a hot broad outside by the river.

They say gay sex is one of the best things about being a musician and by looks of Eyla Moore and Samantha Cruuz’s sex scene, they’re not wrong. These girls tear each other up! The tour bus is wide open along with their wet pussies as they finger and lick each other to the tender sounds of their moans. The camera shots are fantastic, providing a clear and close up view of the attentive clitoral licks. They provide a masterclass in pussy eating that could be used to teach sex ed.

It wouldn’t be rock and roll without a threesome and The Band provides this pivotal arousing encounter. Atlanta Moreno and Melanie Tucker use their talents to service rockstar Dean Van Damne, who is in desperate need for two groupies at once. They know their role, exposing their breasts and making out with and fingering one another while Dean readies himself for action. They engage in wet loud sex on the couch in the back of the venue. Dean gets himself an organic taste of raw groupie pussy, as they fall together in a haze of sloppy erotica.

Dolly Diore and Erik Everhard share the most intimate fuck of the evening, by candlight in a nice a bed. Dolly wants it all, squealing lovingly from the first moment of penetration. Once her kind and generous lover’s thrusts begin to ramp up in aggression, so do her sounds. She begins to moan loudly, and even yell for more. Finally, he cums all over her waist and stomach. That’s romance.


“Oh yes. Oh fuck me.” – Dolly Diore.

Dolly Diore says what we all already know: hard fucking is the epitome of having a band.

Why we love it

Since the beginning of time people have made music for one thing: sex. They may say it’s for other reasons: love, hate, political consciousness, etc. And while there are songs about those things, it’s all just filler. All the greatest songs in history were written while the author was horny AF. The Band from JoyBear Pictures highlights this fact by showing that every waking moment a touring band has off stage is spent partaking in unhinged, inhibition-free sex with whomever is closest. It’s a true to life narrative that spares no detail in its hardcore performances.

'The Band' movie poster

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