Pornstar Pierce Paris poses in a studio photo.

Pierce Paris Interview: Attaining the Mental Edge

The name is Paris. Pierce Paris.

With a name that’s half 007 actor and half thrilling city, Pierce Paris was practically pre-destined to project suave, urbane sophistication. His measurements, touted on his X bio, also speak for themselves: over six feet tall, and 9.5 inches. But Paris’s talents transcend his physical gifts, including a mastery of tantra to help overcome the psychological challenges of being a male pornstar. His versatility in bi-curious scenes for BiPhoria, Why Not Bi, and others makes him the perfect star to spotlight in conjunction with our new bisexual porn VOD sale. In this new blog interview, he touches on his career background, the challenges of being a crossover performer, his work with TransSensual, his “warning label,” and much more.

Where are you from? What was growing up like?

I’m from a small ski/college town in Montana. I had a great childhood spent lots of time Outdoors playing sports with neighborhood kids. Typical 90s kid Listening to Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, watching MTV and Jackass

When did you know you were bisexual?

I wouldn’t consider myself bisexual. I am actually not attracted to men and never thought of them in sexual way. I use compound injections to help solidify the boner. I memorize straight porn in my mind and replay them mentally while I’m shooting with a costar I’m not sexually attracted to.

I’m just an actor and there are a lot of performers that are like me an “Actor Performer” not a “Recreational Performer”

Were you always drawn to sex work as a career?

Since discovering my dad’s porn stash when I was younger, I remember thinking to myself, “I could do this.” As the years passed and I matured, it became a dream of mine. After spending the majority of my twenties engaged in manual labor, including wildland firefighting and oil field work, I found a couple of real estate mentors and transitioned into investing. It was at that point when I realized I had enough free time and was in a stable financial position. I could pursue my dream in adult work, considering its favorable balance of time and money. I felt it was the perfect transition and a dream come true.

How did you come up with the stage name Pierce Paris?

Well, being a 90s kid, I grew up watching Pierce Brosnan as 007. I feel he exuded a certain sexual swagger, and the name Pierce has always embodied that character in my mind. As for Paris, France, I absolutely love the city. I’ve visited four times, so that’s where I got the name Paris from.

What was your first experience on a porn set like?

It was pretty crazy! I got flew out to Northern California and transported to a big mansion on a hill where I got interviewed and jerked off in front of the camera.

What are your favorite types of scenes to shoot? How do you prepare?

I really enjoy campy cheesy porn I feel like it really resonates with my personality. I always make sure that I show up to set showered and smelling nice with trimmed finger and toenails.

You’ve done a lot of work with TransSensual. What’s it like working with them? What keeps you going back?

I enjoy shooting for TransSensual! They create the most realistic scenarios for us models, allowing us to relax and fully connect with our co-stars on a sexual, mental, and physical level.

You’re involved in lots of group sex shoots and the chemistry always seems to be on point. How do you maintain that balance of chemistry and inclusion when filming with more than one person?

Group sex shoots can definitely be more complicated than one on one. The key for consistency when shooting with more than one person is to share your focus and balance your attention. Just because you’re into one person more does not mean you should be with that one person the whole time throws off the energy and people get their heads about The one sided attention your putting out.

What are some challenges you’ve faced as a crossover performer who appears in bi and straight content?

Well, from the beginning of my career, I made the decision to shoot any type of porn that was offered to me, regardless of whether I was attracted to the model or not, and that’s what I’ve done.

I’ve encountered discrimination for this choice. Many people may not know this, but on the gay side of the industry, there are a good number of models who are HIV undetectable. However, HIV undetectable models are not allowed on the straight side of porn. So, dealing with the differences in testing between the two sides of the industry has definitely been a challenge for me. I’ve been booked with HIV positive models without my consent or given a choice on the gay side, and I’ve been removed from straight shoot rosters or had co-stars decline to work with me because I shoot in the gay side, which embraces and protects HIV undetectable models in their community and their side of the industry.

Are there any stars and/or studios you’d like to work with in the future?

I would really love to have the opportunity to work with Angela White and Brazzers doing comedic straight scenes. I do comedic, skits and stunts for celebrity comedian Tom Segura and Soon to be Steve-O from Jackass. With my résumé I would be a perfect fit shooting for Brazzers. However, I don’t know if they would hire a “crossover performer” like myself.

What advice would you give to someone looking to be a pornstar?

Study tantra and how to control ejaculations with your mind, not having to rely on solely on physical stimulation. This will make cumshots a breeze.

If you came with a warning label what would it read?

“everything’s a dildo if you’re brave enough”

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