Podcast: Maya Woulfe Talks ‘Casino Endgame’

Being in the Casino is all about taking risks and putting everything on the line which is exactly what feature star Maya Woulfe does in Dorcel’s blockbuster movie Casino Endgame. As the daughter of a top game organizer, Maya knows how to put together a VIP gambling party that’s sure to do more than fatten her pockets. Once she gets her hands on daddy’s little black phone book all the stakes are upped and what unfolds is sexy entertaining drama and betrayal that you can’t get enough of. In the latest episode of the Adult Empire Podcast, Maya talks about this amazing feature, what fans can expect, and a lot more.

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Maya Woulfe interview topics and transcript

Over the course of an half hour conversation with Nicole Chappelle, Maya Woulfe covers the following topics (select dropdown arrow for highlights):

The overall concept and theme of the movie

“My character inherits this illegal gambling ring and I am with my partner so I tell him about it. And then there’s this girl who my father sends to spy on me a little bit and the three of us go in cahoots to scam this really rich man. Kind of like our last go at it. And my character after this one kind of moves on. But then at the end, you hear about the tragic stories of the other two characters was and how they really never did escape this life of like scamming people and the hustle.”

How she became involved in the project

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Marcel a couple of times, they flew me out previously  and I just had a really great experience with them on set. They really liked me and I kept in contact with them, and I met up with them at AVN where they told me they wanted to put me in this new casino movie and they want to just fly me back out there again. Obviously, that’s just really something that’s very exciting to be a part of, so yeah I just have a really good working relationship with them. I really like working with them and the things they do and obviously it’s a dream to get flown out to Europe to shoot”

Her thoughts after first reading the script

“I was excited! I thought it was fun. It was something that I hadn’t really gotten to do ever. You know, a lot of the times I play like this sweet innocent, like, would never do nothing wrong kind of girl. So it was fun to get to be a badass!”

Preparing for her role

“I heard the script a lot. I asked the directors some questions. I watched a couple of movies that like Casino, so it’s like, okay, this is what the character kind of needs to feel like.”

Favorite day of shooting

“There was this day that we got to rent a boat, and the scene was kind of sad, but like, I don’t know, it was just really fun to get to go out on the boat, and it was beautiful. It was just a fun day it was a fun day.”

What she’s learned about herself after this role

“I guess I learned that I love to act and working with Dorcel.”

On directing in the future

“They offered me a job to direct for them at some point, so that’s really exciting. I’ve been working on a couple of things. I wrote some scripts last year, but I don’t know. I didn’t feel like they were right. So I want to write something for them. I have this one idea that I would like to maybe pitch them.”

How long a typical day on set lasted

“You know, this one was different because I was a lead in it. But there were also a lot of days where they only needed me for a couple of hours. I would say most of the time we were on set for 8 or 9 hours.”

Differences between shooting a feature and a gonzo scene

“Gonzo scenes are usually a four or five hour day. You just go in, you do your pretty girl pictures, you maybe do like a little interview or a tease or something, some sextiles and then straight into the sex scene. So those days are really fast, you know, it’s a lot of energy that’s saved mostly for the sex scene, because that’s what it’s all about. Right? Shooting, you know, like a feature day, it’s not just pictures and stills and pretty, you know, there’s so much more. You have to do wardrobe for like maybe 10 People make up for 10 people, you know, everybody has to rehearse their lines together, you have to block everybody to like, know, where everybody’s going to be standing, the full thing has to be like, lit really intensely. It’s a lot bigger production, essentially, which makes sense.”

Building chemistry with co-stars

“I don’t really have ton of issues with getting, you know, making that chemistry with people. And also sometimes like for example, Clara Mia, she didn’t really speak much English, and I don’t really speak any French at all. So even though we’re working next to each other, our characters aren’t necessarily supposed to get along very well. She’s the spy for my father. So not being able to communicate works to our advantage in that way.”

The Rundown: ‘Casino Endgame’ (Featured Video)

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