The Rundown: ‘Casino Endgame’ (Featured Video)


At the Casino is where all the stakes are raised. People who are addicted to risk love the casino, and when you are addicted to risk, anything can happen. If you are a betting man than you may just make a bet that you can get any woman. At the Casino, it just may be a winning bet. Then there are those who run the casino and when the worlds mix things get really hot. The risk is always worth the reward, especially when the reward could be Carollina Cherry, Ariana Cortez, Shalina Devine, Janice Griffith, Selva Lapiedra, Alice Martin, Clara Mia, Victoria Nova, Anita Rover, Maya Woulfe, and Zaawaadi. The stakes couldn’t be higher with a cast like that.

Scene Highlights

This movie comes in hot as sexy Maya Woulfe is getting her pussy eaten out while lying on the card table. It seems to be really tickling her fancy by the sound of her happy moans. They get completely caught up in the moment and have a passionate fuck right there. He even sticks her ass with his pole pleasing her every sensation. He delivers quite a load to her sexy ass. Janice Griffith allows her man to use her as a bet and he loses. She is excited to get some BBC into her pussy. It’s so good that they have multiple rounds of hard sex. A nice passionate encounter captured while the pair is in bed. She rides his cock real hard.

As Maya mourns the death of her father and thinks about her life, she remembers a time when sex was so good in a particular threesome. In this trio hot babe Alice Martin joins her with her man Jimmy. The girls aggressively take turns sucking on his big dick. Maya gets stuffed first as the camera gets in close so that we can see her sweet pussy lips wrap around his thick dick. Both girls get to enjoy his deep thrust. Finally, the mastermind of this operation Clara Mia gets her turn at some cock play with Ricky. He is into maximum risk and wants the big game but entertains himself in the meantime with a tryst with Clara. In his hotel room they get hot and heavy, and he aggressively eats her pussy out. When they fuck, they fuck! Their hips rotate in perfect sync and it’s hot.

Then comes the orgy, the kind that you would only find in a casino where the personalities involved can’t resist temptation anymore. The orgy brings us Shalina Devine, Selva Lapiedra, Zaawaadi, Carolina Cherry, Anita Rover, Ariana Cortez, and Victoria Nova as they take on multiple cocks. The action in this scene is beautiful as the camera continually shifts from group to group. All of the girls are wearing the sexiest outfits. This is a place that you will want to be, it’s a great group of people. Then, Maya and Clara take their new found partnership to new levels with the following scenes.


“I just want my money back, and Him for the night.”

Why We Love It

We don’t ever get disappointed by a Dorcel film. They know how to tell a story that entertains and weaves in and out some sexy fucking. It’s erotic and its always beautiful from the sets to the ladies your screen will be on fire. I enjoy how the backstory is woven between the scenes with just tidbits that make you try to understand the plot while you get turned on by the hot sex. You even get a shocking death mid film. The movie is about the no limits casino endgame, but beautiful sex is what is really being sold by DORCEL and we are definite buyers.

Podcast: Maya Woulfe Talks Casino Endgame

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