The Rundown: ‘The Visitor’ (Featured Movie)


Are we alone in the universe? Human history is littered with stories of visitors from the stars. Across continents and cultures, witnesses have described enlightened beings bringing spiritual and technological lessons to civilizations. The concept of aliens has permeated American pop culture forever, from Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in the X-Files to Giorgio Tsoukalos and Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. The fascination with other-worldly visitors takes front and center in Elegant Angel’s The Visitor starring Anna Claire Clouds and Alex Jones.

Scene highlights

Nicole Doshi sex from The Visitor

Alex Jones’ (The Visitor) ship crashes in the woods nearby Anna’s house. At the very same time, she’s having tender hot sex with her current boyfriend Nathan Bronson. Afterwards, Anna and Nathan break up, and The Visitor sneaks in to find some grub in the fridge. Anna catches him and freaks out. After all, he is an intruder. They exchange some witty quips as Anna shows off her acting chops, and just as she’s about to kick him out, Nicole Doshi comes to his rescue. She’s got eyes for this hot throbbing alien. They offer to treat the wound on his arm, and when she touches him, Anna feels a little horniness herself. While she runs off to get some first aid supplies from the store, Alex is stuck at home in Nicole’s sexy grasp.

She shows off her erotic dance moves, giving him a big bootied lap dance, full naked. By the time she mounts the alien it’s likely he’s figured out what’s going on. She grinds her bare pussy up and down his shaft, which is fully erect, then she sucks his dick. He really seems to enjoy it! Then she rides his massively thick rod, screaming the whole way.

Alex Coal getting eaten out by Danny Steele

Back at the secret government HQ, Alex Coal meets up with Isiah Maxwell and Danny Steele. They’re on a mission to find the alien visitor. We’re treated to a flash back of an intimate and passionate workplace hookup between Alex Coal and Danny. It’s an exponentially erotic seduction. Danny starts with slowly rubbing Alex’s breasts, getting behind her and then slipping his fingers into her panties. Once Alex’s clothes are removed, Danny bends her over and fingers her from behind. It’s important to note and impossible to understate how unbelievably perky and perfectly round Alex Coal’s ass looks here. It’s one of the sexiest backsides on God’s green’s Earth, and definitely a pro that the humans have over the aliens. “Oh my God, so much cock…” Alex utters as she humps up on and down on top of Danny in a seated position. This is arguably the most sensual and passionate sex scene in the film, which is all the more impressive considering it’s a flashback. It plays as marathon, sifting through many positions and orgasms, and giving a sense of real desire between two individuals who want each other badly. They can’t keep their hands off one another, and the wet sounds of their organs sliding in out and one another fill the space with auditory bliss. Alex and Danny are a match made in Heaven, and one I hope to see again and again.Anna Claire Clouds blowjob from The Visitor

Back at Anna’s place, she and The Visitor start making out because they’re two extra hot people standing in the same room. The Visitor is gentle with Anna, taking his time with the Earthly beautiful angel he has found. His hands make their way up and down her sunlit skin. He breasts look dazzling in the light. It’s a gorgeous undressing that carefully reveals more of her body from her chest, down to her pierced naval and then eventually the panties. Reminiscent of the first time one makes love with a dear friend or soulmate. Anna is thorough with her mouthy assessment of his body, starting with his buff chest. By the time she gets to his shockingly symmetrical cock, it’s almost startling to remember just how gigantic it is. Calming stringed instruments build in the background as she cradles the balls the deepthroats the extraterrestrial’s protruding fleshy cylinder. He looks to the stars and opens his mouth, signifying a spiritual ascension from this experience. This is the epitome of sharing cultures to mutual benefit. A hero’s self-actualization, if you will. The scene goes on to show all the penetrating beats you could want, but I don’t want to spoil the rest of the fun, so I’ll let you watch it for yourself. Needless to say Anna Claire Clouds takes her mantle as lead performer and expertly cements herself as the ultimate fuck for any alien visitor.

The finale features a sacrificial sexual foursome between Isiah, Nicole, Anna, and Alex Coal in a full circle moment that concludes this explosive narrative. It’s great to see all the girls working together in the narrative after having their own scenes to themselves, and it tops an already impressive sundae with a delightfully sweet cherry.


“Are you watching my pussy go up and down your cock?” Nicole Doshi to The Visitor.

It really is the ultimate space travel fantasy. You land on a distant planet and come across the hottest sluts imaginable, and they can’t get enough of your big fat dick. Nicole introduces him the worldly pleasures of Earth.

Why we love it

The movie clocks in at a hefty two hours and forty five minutes, yet never manages to overstay its welcome thanks to its captivating, extended sex scenes that reach into your pants and keep your attention for every waking second. The narrative-based plot is a welcome addition that walks a delicate tightrope, effectively creating purpose for the characters without taking itself too seriously or taking away from the beautiful pornographic performances. Every character and performer is utilized in a way that uniquely enhances the film, using their individual skillsets, making this feel like a truly original experience. If this what we can expect from Elegant Angel and Harry Sparks in terms of feature-length, narrative-based movies, then they may have found a wonderful space in the medium.

'The Visitor' from Elegant Angel

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