Casino endgame

First Look: Dorcel’s ‘Casino Endgame’

The stakes are higher, girls are hornier, and penises are bigger in the trailer for Dorcel‘s Casino Endgame. The trailer features Maya Woulfe in a series of compromising gambling positions, and that’s a good thing for folks who love both porn and tense gambling films. Movies like Casino Royale and Oceans 11 revolve around crime and gambling, but always manage to feature sultry femme fatales with extra sexy auras. Dorcel goes the next logical leap here and shows Maya pulling a playing card straight out of her underwear. They tease the stakes with the line, “each game is a bet on life,” letting us know that the sensual Dorcel sex will be combined with the classic Dorcel suspense plot. The rest of the montage features Clara Mia, Janice Griffith, and Shalina Devine, who will no doubt provide a provocative supporting cast. We’re treated to brief glimpses of blowjobs, breast fondling on the game table, and see through shirts with hard nipples, which is just enough of a tease to build maximum anticipation.

Dorcel is keeping on their poker face, revealing only fleeting images of the movie and plot. It’s a commendable tactic, giving us just enough info without spoiling the film. After all, we got a good glimpse of all the women, and isn’t that enough? It certainly is for me! I can’t wait to see these girls offer up their bodies in depraved and fun ways to the seedy gambling underworld.

Watch Casino Endgame on Adult Empire on May 30

Hardcore trailer:

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