The Rundown: ‘Scandal In Suburbia’ (Featured Video)

The Basics

Everybody knows shit gets crazy in the suburbs! Moms banging their friends’ sons, kids getting away with whatever they want because of who their parents are, and rivalries between women that lasts decades. Scandal In Suburbia is all of that and so much more as these moms will do anything for their kids. MYLF knows exactly how to take our fantasies and turn them into pure magic, giving us all that we want plus some. I’m a life long city girl but a move to the burbs is looking really good right now.

Scene Highlights

Dee Williams bumps into one of her son’s friends at the perfect time. She just returned from the market and could use some help bringing the groceries in. Moms will always feed you, so she makes him a sandwich while they chat about nothing, but the young teen can’t help but get distracted by her short skirt. He takes out his phone to record her bending over and of course gets caught. He admits he was going to jerk off to her ass and she takes it way better than expected. She begins telling him about how much she loves to have anal sex, how her husband doesn’t please her anymore, and how unhappy she is with her sex life. You know where this is going…Dee decides to use what’s in front of her and suggests that they take care of each other’s needs, just this one time. Before you know it they’re fondling and groping each other right there in the kitchen up against the fridge. Dee is a woman on a mission as she whips out his young cock and stuffs it in her mouth. They move to the bedroom where the real party begins and when he finally puts it up her ass she loses her mind! The dirty talk intensifies as she throws it back at him and by the time he busts his nut in her mouth I can already tell this won’t be the last time these two get together.

Boys will be boys, and that means that most of the time they’re in trouble. Apparently the fellas got caught stealing and of course momma Dee Williams, has to come bail them out. The store wants to press charges but she’s worried about their futures and will literally do anything to get them out of this mess they created. She tells the boys to turn around and face the wall, drops to her knees, and starts sucking the skin off the store manager’s dick. They exchange oral but the real focus here is the fucking! A mother’s love is only second to God’s and Dee proves the shit out of that. She takes a serious pounding from the manager while leaning over his desk as her boys thank her from over in the corner. Watching her ride his cock while her huge tits bounce up and down was a treat and I’m telling you, Dee should win a stamina award for this scene alone! The manager really puts her to the test but she passed with flying colors right down to drinking all his jizz.

Back at home the two little dip shits are bragging about how they got away with stealing and how mom fucked them out of it, but other mom Nadia White overhears them and she is pissed! She calls Dee and invites her over but what she has planned isn’t anything like what they expected. After talking through the anger and daily stress that moms go through, they decide to fuck each other’s sons. Dee instigates the situation by rubbing Nadia down and convincing her son to suck on her tits. Before long Nadia’s son is returning the favor to Dee and we have a foursome! I preach balance in group sex scenes and this one does a really good job with that as everyone stays in character and lets the sex happen within the storyline. The ladies use their experience to teach the boys a lesson while taking them the ride of their life. There’s no way anyone woke up thinking the day was going to go like this but after the loads of cum they dropped I think it’s safe to say the day wasn’t a complete mess.


“Ohhhhh that’s just what mamma needed!” -Dee Williams while getting her ass pounded by her young stud.

Why We Love It

Scandal In Suburbia is fun and there’s no better way to say it thank that. You’re going to crack up at the plot and it helps you to appreciate the sex, especially when watching Dee perform. It has that lite cheesy feel to it but before you know it you’re having one of the best orgasms ever and it’s all because of what’s jumping off the screen. It takes one of our favorite mommy in the burbs fantasies and exaggerates the hell out of it while still managing to create a sexy product that should be a homerun hit for lots of people. I hope they make a part 2!

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