Rachel Steele Interview: The Original Mommy!

Rachel Steele is a living legend and icon in the adult entertainment industry. Before it was cool to create MILF and family taboo content Rachel was blazing the path for future stars and directors and a lot of what we see today is thanks to her. Turning damsel in distress to Wonder Woman kicking ass and taking names is just a small fraction of what she brings to the table through her studio Red MILF Productions, and she’s still leaving her mark. Learn how she started and grew her business into the empire it is today, how she stays connected with fans, and what the future holds for her next.

Please Note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Adult Empire: Hi Rachel, how’s your day going do far?

Rachel Steele: I’ve had my coffee. I’m good.

Breakfast of champions right there.

Exactly. I’m having my peanut butter and jelly muffin and I’ve still got my PJs on.

Sweet, well let’s jump right in. How did you discover your passion for creating taboo content? 

So it was really by accident. I think it was right around 2006 when I started to get into the industry producing my own content. I got an email from a customer asking could I do like some mom, son, content. He had a storyline a storyline and after reading it I was like, wow, nobody’s doing this. And at the time, nobody was. So I ran it by my partner at the time and he was like, he didn’t think I should do it. He wasn’t sure if it was legal but I’m like, well, it’s not illegal, because these are not my family members. This is going to be with a hired person, and I’m an actor, so let’s do it. So, it was quite by accident, and it was also around the time that the movie American Pie came out. Once I started to get a little name and online presence, folks started writing to me saying, you know, you remind us of Stiffler’s mom. And from that it was born.

So you were all in right away?

I was! I loved the content because it was interesting to me. It was different and I was always looking for interesting things to shoot. I didn’t want to shoot the normal vanilla stuff because it’s boring to me. It’s just boring. It wasn’t exciting, and it wasn’t creative enough. So this felt exciting and creative, because it was pushing the envelope and it’s taboo. It’s acting and I just wanted to take it to that next level. And that’s kind of how it all unfolded for me.

Was there a big transition between the content you were previously making to the taboo content?

Yeah. In the beginning, I was really focusing on fetishes from A to Z. I started in the industry by web camming and that’s how I started to learn from my customers about all these fetishes I had no idea about. I was really focusing on all of that so when the MILF thing came along I was like, okay, I’ll just be a MILF in gloves, or a MILF smoking. So I took that theme and incorporated my fetish content into it.

That’s so cool. It’s almost like it fell in your lap a little bit.

It really did. And I feel almost like a little puppet with everyone out there are holding the strings. They were the ones that told me, you know, this is who you are. This is what you should do. And then I was also compared to a woman named Kate Parker. Have you ever heard of her?

Yes ma’am I have. 

People were telling me, you know, you need to look up Kate Parker, you are her. You’re the new version of Kate Parker. So I started watching her taboo movies from the 70s, and I resonated with it. I was like, yes, this is what I want to do. I actually reached out to Kate Parker, and showed her some of my work, and I said, this is what I’m doing thanks to you. You’re a huge inspiration to me. I asked if she would consider would being in one of my movies as a cameo like but she was like, oh no, you don’t want me in front of that camera now.

That really speaks volumes to having your fans participate in your content creation.

Absolutely. I still have some that reach out to me and send me storyline ideas. I always listen, I always read, and I’m always interacting with them. They’re my support system and they’re the ones that are purchasing my content, so you need to know what that demand is, and what they want to see.

Do you feel like over the years taboo has become more mainstream and acceptable?

Oh, definitely! It took off like a rocket. I had it for for a good 10 years, I was literally on the top of the charts. And in the taboo category, there was nobody else doing it. Then I started to notice a lot more people coming out with MILF content, and then slowly taboo, and now it’s saturated everywhere.

Do you have to credit yourself with that? You have to right?

I’m the mama MILF. I feel like I mean, all the young ones will come to me for for advice.

How does that make you feel?

It feels great! I’m so grateful to still be in the spotlight and to have diehard fans. I took a hiatus for many years after my partner suddenly passed away, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with my business. My fans would hit me up on twitter and tell me they still loved me and that helped keep me going because I wasn’t even really filming anything at the time.

What’s some of the advice that you give to the other actresses when they come to you?

The first thing I would tell them is to eventually get themselves situated with their own production company. Think longevity. If you want this to be a career, then you need to establish yourself, your own company, you know, get your business license, get an LLC, or whatever you want to do, but get your own business established so that you can start owning your content. So you can create a content library, and then you can eventually start to sell your content on all the platforms that you want.

How do you think social media and independent content sites have affected exactly what you’re talking about?

I really feel like 2020 was the boom was the real big bang for all of this. You know, people are stuck in at home and everyone’s figuring out how to do their own thing. And it was bad because it was COVID. But it was good because it gave a lot of individuals the opportunity to own their own business.

How do you balance juggling so many businesses and staying engaged with your fans?

I have a great team and my current partner is amazing. He’s content management, and then I stay busy interacting with fans, answering emails, going on social media, doing podcasts, whatever I can do. But I definitely have some help. I can’t imagine doing it all by myself.

How do you get to the point where you can build up a team like that?

Well, I’ve been lucky in the fact that I’ve started it with a partner. So we were both in it together and that makes a difference because then you share the cost and income. That was a good 11 or 12 years of my life, so I’ve built up my business to the point where now I can afford to have someone else come on. It might cost you a little bit in the beginning, but it works out because, you know, you’ve got to have all of those boxes checked.

Would you say that for you having a partner is crucial to your career?

I wouldn’t say it’s crucial, but it’s definitely helpful. I have the ship but I want someone else to drive it.

So what are some things that you’ve learned about yourself as a result of your career?

Well, I’ve definitely learned that I love film production. I love to produce things that make other people happy. I’ve always prided myself on being the producer, the director, the writer, of all the films that I’ve created because I put a storyline in there. It’s just not the typical vanilla kind of porn. I grew up watching I Love Lucy and Mary Tyler Moore, and I love the comedy aspect. I love that the costume changes. So I really took pride in like, you know, we’re going to do a 30 minute film, and there’s going to be several days that lapse. So you can see the morning, everyone’s in their jammies. And then the afternoon someone comes home from work, and then in the evening, it’s bedtime. And this is when all the naughty stuff will happen. But it’s this whole movie not just a porno.

Do you have a favorite character or favorite type of character to play?

I find that I gravitate the most towards the mom. I like more of the taking charge of the turned on but shy sort of reluctant individual.

Okay, so it’s like the power play.

Yeah, exactly. And maybe they just broke up with somebody and they’re sad or whatever the story is, and then you just slowly nurture into this hot, steamy, sexual content. So I like to do that.

Why do you think you like to be the dominant one so much?

Probably because I’ve been in charge of my life since I was very, very young. I’ve had to kind of take charge of everything around me because there was a lot of chaos in my world. And I had to say to myself, okay, you’re your own best friend, you’re going to get you out of this situation, and you are going to get you into a good situation. I’ve had to rely on myself so I think that projects into my work where I can take charge of this whole scene.

So it’s more natural than an alter ego.

I think so, definitely. The alter ego part of me is probably the clothing. Rachael Steele is always in heels and thigh highs and push up bra dresses, but if you see me in person, I got my workout clothes on my tennis shoes, my jean jacket, you know, I’m a very casual laid back person. I love putting on all those clothes but I could never live in those. I can’t get down the stairs in those things. I couldn’t get into my car in those things.

I am a huge superhero fan and I absolutely love when you do Wonder Woman.  Where did that idea come from? What was it like playing her for the first time?

I love Wonder Woman and I love Linda! I grew up watching that, like, I was glued to the TV every Wednesday. I was living in Tampa, Florida for the first half of my career and I was shooting a fetish scene where they dressed me up and I did a couple of fight scenes and superhero stuff. Then somebody wrote asking if I ever considered doing superhero stuff and doing Wonder Woman? at that time I was doing damsel because that’s a big seller and he’s like, why don’t you be Wonder Woman and get attacked and fight back. I told him if he sent me the costume I would do it and he sent it to me. People loved it! So yeah, that’s how that started. We had a lot of fun building all the props and doing all the special effects to make it as real as we could.

When you first started, did you expect to grow this massive empire? Was that your goal?

No, I was in the salon business, like I said, and the area where I worked went downhill and became very dangerous so I closed up shop and started the camming thing. Initially I was shooting with only amateur people. Nobody had experience in the business. I was putting ads out just looking for younger regular guys.

How do you prepare an amateur regular guy for a shoot like that? 

it was a little bit tricky, for sure. I would first look at their picture, approve them, and then I would give them a phone call, so that I could hear their voice and chat with them. Then I would just give them a scenario to make sure they’re comfortable with the content. From there we’d set a date and time and I’d let them know my partner would be filming us. After getting the paperwork out of the way I just really wanted to make sure they felt comfortable and I would tell them to do whatever came naturally.

Are there any up and coming stars that you have your eye on lately?

Not really, no. I’m not a big follower of the industry. I post my content and do my own thing, but I’m a whole different person when I’m not working. I have so many other interests and since I’m not watching I really couldn’t tell you who is up and coming.

Is there anything in the works that we should be on the lookout for?

I am going to be shooting for some mainstream companies in May, so be on the lookout for some mainstream content, which I really have never done.

Are you excited about it?

I am, I really am! One of the producers is a male talent that I met when I did shoot for Score Magazine in Miami. We stayed in touch over the years so I’m going to be doing that, and I’m going to be putting together a book about my life story because there’s a lot in there that a lot of people could benefit from. From domestic violence to attempted murder and abusive parents to how my life is now.

That’s awesome! We’ll have to get you back to talk about the book whenever you’re gonna release that.


Well thank you so much for taking time out to talk to us today. I had a blast and I learned so much!

Yeah, I had a great time!

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