Bluebird Films presents Babe Runners and more.

Watch ‘Babe Runners’ & More Long-Lost Bluebird Films Classics

Remember the closing scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark? The priceless relic known as the Ark of the Covenant is boxed up and wheeled into an enormous warehouse, where it will be stored in secrecy for the rest of its days. Other boxes stretch as far as the eye can see, prompting the audience to ponder, “What other treasures might be hidden away here?” For porn fans, Bluebird Films‘ lost classics are the equivalent of another goodie boxed up and hidden away. They’ve been rumored and discussed but have never been seen. Well, thanks, to Adult Empire, that has changed!

First, step back nearly a decade. If you were fan of parody porn, summer 2011 was a blissful time. Porn spoofs were everywhere, still riding the wave of popularity kicked off by Pirates and other blockbusters in the mid-2000s. Bluebird Films, then at one of its most productive points, announced that September would see the release of a Blade Runner parody entitled Babe Runner. Fan anticipation ran high as press releases appeared on AVN and XBIZ touting the movie’s merits. A YouTube trailer previewed key moments from the upcoming video. In an Xcritic interview, Star Anna Lovato spoke excitedly of her upcoming Babe Runners scene. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the movie was never released . . . until this year. Adult Empire is pleased to present this long-lost classic!

Like its mainstream inspiration, Babe Runners chronicles the adventures of a futuristic bounty hunter who tracks down rogue “replicants.” The ever-reliable Evan Stone steps into the Harrison Ford role, amusingly named “Dickard” in this particular version. (The original Blade Runner was set in 2019, making the re-emergence of its porn spoof in the future of its original time period an unintended but appropriate convergence.) As in many of Bluebird’s movies of the era, then-owner Paul Chaplin shows up in a featured role. (He also essayed Clide in Bonny & Clide among many other spotlight parts.) Designs inspired by Ridley Scott’s famous vision of the future make for the perfect environment for hardcore scenes starring faves such as Dylan Ryder, Anna Lovato, and more. The movie was part of a then-new Bluebird collaboration with acclaimed director Nicholas Steele, who was afresh from AVN Hall of Fame induction at the time of Babe Runner’s production.

Other archival Bluebird Movies now available on Adult Empire are Harry Pornter (a Harry Potter parody), Cruella (a creative, unusual riff on the villain of 101 Dalmatians), and Phantom (the Phantom of the Opera unleashes his own erotic “music of the night”). (Pornter has found an audience on Adult Empire, as evidenced by its strong performance on the Unlimited and VOD charts after its appearance.)

Of course, these never-before-seen videos aren’t the only Bluebird parodies the company produced at its zenith. In its prime, Bluebird also released such memorable spoofs as Alice: A Fairy Love Tale, BATFXXX: A Dark Knight Parody, Katwoman XXX, Nikita XXX, and more, all of which can be streamed on Adult Empire VOD and Adult Empire Unlimited.

Stock image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay


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