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Kiki Daire Pornstar Interview

Bodacious and lovable pornstar Kiki Daire checks in with Adult Empire to talk about career so far, how the porn industry has changed since 1999, career longevity, interacting with fans, and new porn on the horizon.

Adult Empire: According to your Adult DVD Talk interview, you grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. In what ways did your Tennessee upbringing most shape you?

Kiki Daire: It definitely gave me a strong sense of rebellion. I had family I spent a lot of time with that was rather religious(fundamental Christian) and I knew I wasn’t like them and didn’t want to be like them. My mother was way more of a free spirit and that wasn’t viewed super positively and in that way I’m like her. On the other hand, expression through the arts was encouraged, as well as reading and my father was determined to raise daughters that were independent and strong. Family and gatherings including food were a part of life which is ingrained in me. I was in the kitchen with my grandmother from the time I was in grade school and could make numerous things from scratch very early. My adopted family(close friends) and I spend a lot of time together and gather for bbqs and such where we share dishes and recipes. It’s a lot of fun. Tradition was super important back home and every where I have lived I take things away that become part of my own traditions, I.e. I don’t take my Christmas tree down til after Mardi Gras as that tradition in New Orleans, where I lived for awhile. And let’s not even talk about the divine creation called King Cake! And yes, I have black eyed peas and greens ever New Year, lol!

For those who may not know the story, how did you get into the industry?

I started as a house dancer back home and being in the club paying a house fee every night to work can be a grind. I kept seeing feature dancers come through and they were gorgeous, glamorous. Plus they were paid to be there. I decided I wanted that so I got myself hooked up with a feature agency. I went to feature school and started doing magazine work and nude pageants. I quickly learned that it was a great way to spend a bunch of money and longer road to return so I decided to go the porn route since the xxx girls made more on the circuit. It helped that part of me was more than curious and J had always had a fascination with the Emmanuelle movies since seeing my mother watch them. So I got a copy of Exotic Dancer’s yearly strip club directory and found a porn agent. And the rest is history…lol.

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Give us a feel for what the industry was like when you shot your first scene in 1998.

Well, my first scene was shot in Florida. We picked up a stripper from Mons Venus and shot it. I was soooo green even though I had been bi since being a teenager. I was nervous but definitely not as nervous as on my first feature shoot in LA. Back then testing standards were different, nobody thought anything of going to a strip club to hunt for talent. It was a whole new world when I landed in LA.

What do you miss most about those early days? What do you miss the least?

Man, everything was soooo exciting back then, so new. There was definitely a learning curve with all sorts of things being that I wouldn’t say I was super experienced when I started shooting. Keep in mind when I started there were over 200 companies shooting daily in porn valley and the internet hadn’t decimated that yet. We were shooting features, gonzo and the work was plentiful compared to what it is now. Girls built names and weren’t dependent on algorithms to decide if they were booked. There was no social media so the only time I really interacted with fans was at dance gigs or conventions. I could simply be an actor if I wanted on productions with great production value, scripts I actually had to get early enough to memorize. There were sound stages, costumes, catering, etc. As far as what I miss the least, Thomas Guides!!! OMG, lol. Memphis wasn’t nearly the size of LA and trying to get around was quite the adventure at first. Those things were such a necessary evil!

Adult Empire (formerly Adult DVD Empire) got its start in 1997. What are your memories of and/or interactions with the company over the years?

I have to say you guys have always been great to me and I appreciate the support!

How do you account for your impressive career longevity?

Um, being stubborn as hell? 😂😂😂 I don’t know that I have an answer for that one really…I feel incredibly blessed to still have an audience and that you guys believe enough people want to read this to ask me to do it.

What did you learn about yourself during your occasional career hiatuses?

I think one of the most important lessons is that I can do other things regardless of my adult career. I also learned a lot about what I want to surround myself with and through therapy I’ve definitely grown a lot as a human being.

In what ways have interactions with fans changed over the years?

Social media is a blessing and a curse! I learned very early on as a dancer that you had to build your regulars in order to sustain your monthly income and was always good at connecting with people but it was exhausting. I could only work a few nights at a time before needing to take a night off. Now that social media exists and people tend to expect 24/7 access through the internet keeping up can be overwhelming. There is also the issue of privacy and safety as well as balance, allotting for self care. I try to stay out of negativity online as there is enough of that out there and I also try to be cognizant of things that may be best kept as private as possible. The block button can also be liberating!

Looking back at your work during the past year, what are you most proud of?

My return to shooting for mainstream companies has been a welcome change and I’m extremely proud of it. I don’t want to single out one company because I appreciate every single one of them that has hired me. The leap to Nexxxt Level jump started things for me and has definitely reminded me why I’m still here thanks to the people they have introduced me to.

In 2008, you told XBIZ, “I’m not just a pornchick. I’m not just a fetish chick. Somebody’s sister, I’m somebody’s daughter. I’m a real person, not just a robot.” Do you find that people still have difficulty seeing pornstars as real, flesh-and-blood people?

Unfortunately, yes. I just posted a tweet about this and it’s been getting a lot of eyes which is awesome. I wish it was easier for people to see that while we are public figures with personas, it’s not the sum of who we are. We do charity work, we rescue animals, we might have other jobs, we have degrees and certifications in other subjects. Many of us have interests that the outside world wouldn’t necessarily suspect due to stereotypes and narrow minded thinking.

Your collaborations with Jonni Darkko remain some of your all-time bestselling videos on Adult Empire. What’s Darkko like as a director?

I adore him, though it’s been a long time…hey Joni, if you see this, give me a shout, I’d love to work with you again!!

We see a lot of posts on your X (Twitter) about food. What is your favorite dish to make?

Lol! I’ve even had people call me on Verified Call to get recipes! Now they have to do that on Sext Panther, but that was an experience the day I got that phone call. I’m a huge foodie, obviously, so I’m constantly trying new things and finding new recipes so my favorites change but right now I’m really enjoying shrimp remoulade over fried green tomatoes.

Tell us about your experience at Exxxotica New Jersey!

Omg! That convention space was soooo cold!!! It was pretty awesome to see everyone though and get my feet wet. I committed to doing the Legends booth at Exxotica this year so I’m looking forward to each city!

What do you think is the next big trend in porn?

I wish I knew so I could be the front of it and cash in on it!!

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