The Rundown: ‘Friction Vol. 1’ (Featured Video)

The Basics

Deeper’s Friction Vol. 1 shows us that things won’t always be perfect, and they shouldn’t be, but that doesn’t mean the sex has to stop. These four scenes take you on a wild and incredibly hot journey through the lives of four very different women who learn to embrace and identify with the friction around them, turning lemons into lemonade and getting their rocks off in the process. Ultimately they figure out that they need the friction in their lives to boost their sex lives.

Scene Highlights

Femme fatale Freya Parker is on house arrest and wants to sink her teeth into the first man she sees. When Dwayne Foxxx shows up to check on a gas leak she immediately pulls him in to her little trap and plays the mysterious dangerous role perfectly. Eventually she admits she’s only on house arrest for unpaid parking tickets but she really like being handcuffed, and before long they’re making out in her living room. The passion is on full display as they undress and touch all over each other. She strokes his huge dick while her panties are stuffed in his mouth and the eye contact is enough to push you over the edge alone! She talks dirty to him and sucks him off, then jumps on his cock and rides that bad boy like she’s trying to win first place at the rodeo. The intensity is great, the sex is incredibly hot, their bodies look amazing together and watching them switch in and out of various positions feels so natural. Everything is in sync, down to him cumming in her mouth, making this a perfect opening scene.

Kira Noir is a burlesque superstar whose onstage sexual energy is unmatched and untamed. The problem is what begins on stage doesn’t stay on stage and Kira needs a little something extra to satisfy her backstage. She doesn’t fuck or get off before a performance because she wants the tease and build up to be real for her audience. After this performance she chooses Alex Jones and takes him backstage to do the do. Both are extremely excited and can’t wait to get their hand on each other, but they take it slow. She tells him what she likes and dislikes and then takes his clothes off to give him on of the most sensual blowjobs you’ll ever witness. She titty fucks him while looking deep in his eyes, very pleased with herself, and then rides his cock. Her ass bouncing up and down is the only image I’ll ever need and her moans are music to my ears! Alex can’t keep his hands off of her and I can’t blame his as they get sweaty and roll around fucking the shit out of each other. Her pussy is so good he doesn’t even want to pull out and creampies her right there on the spot.

Breakups are tough, and Blake Blossom is finding that out the hard way. She starts an argument with her ex Seth Gamble, who knocks her down, gags her, and calls her a brat. Shit gets pretty intense as they get into it and he keeps covering her mouth, but when she notices his dick is hard she calls him out and they fuck one last time. Both stars do a great job staying in character and they really make you feel a kind of sexy hatred as they angrily kiss and get rough with each other. Seth knows exactly what she likes and how she likes it, so he talks shit to her while smacking her ass as she asks him is that all he’s got. The chemistry between these two is perfect and they really bring the story to life, even through their sex. They bang like two people trying to get back at one to the point where even the oral is aggressive. This is definitely one of those scenes that’s going to keep you glued to the screen to see how things turn out. Energy remains at an all time high as they fuck up against a wall before moving to the couch. I couldn’t get enough of their shit talking back and forth and actually found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion. When he came on her tits I was sad for it all to end, but they quickly remind you how toxic they are together and it’s clear the break up needed to happen.

Amber Moore wants to be known but older married boyfriend Mick Blue isn’t really interested in her wants and desires. He claims to know her better than she knows herself, and that may very well be true, but it always comes down to sex with him and today for Amber that’s more than enough. She likes being submissive, which is probably why she’s dating a married man in the first place, so when he buys a leashed collar to put around her neck her eyes light up. Mick always brings intensity and lots of energy to his scenes and Amber keeps up brilliantly! She allows him to take control of her entire body but she definitely fucks him back and makes herself felt as a force to be reckoned with in the bedroom. The sex feels like rough romance with both trying to prove a point but they’re careful to pay attention to each other’s bodies and Mick even thanks her after he blows his load.


“When I was handcuffed I kept thinking about how I didn’t have control over my body. How I couldn’t stop anything from happening.” Freya describing being handcuffed and arrested.

Why We Love It

The eye contact is enough for me to recommend this movie to porn lovers all over the world, but Deeper really does a good job putting together a flick that’s going to get you off but also make you think. That won’t be for everyone, but I think most people are going to love Friction Vol. 1 because it’s something we all can relate to even if we don’t turn it into sex. Life isn’t perfect, and it never will be, that doesn’t mean our wants and sexual desires have to go ignored. This flick teaches us not only how to deal with the adversity, but also how to have fun and get what you want from it.

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