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Krystal Davis Interview: The Hotwife Life

Hotwifing may not be what you think it is, whether you’ve encountered it in porn, real life, or both. In this new interview, Krystal Davis discusses the hotwife fetish and porn genre from her perspective as a porn MILF.

This interview kicks off Adult Empire’s MILF Month, which will spotlight hot moms in interviews and review posts throughout May. Coming Monday: the top five India Summer clips.

Adult Empire: What is hotwifing?

Krystal Davis: Hotwifing is a married woman who seeks relationship/encounters with other men beyond her husband.  This fulfills the both the husband and wife’s fantasies.

How did you discover hotwifing?

I’m not one to label things, my husband and I just knew that even when we get married we are not going to be the last person we’re going to have sex with.  It was nice to know that my husband likes to watch/know that other men can fulfill my needs and our fantasies.

What most appeals to you about hotwifing?

Knowing that I can have sex with whoever I want, whenever I want and wherever I want.

Talk about your partner’s attitude toward hotwifing.

He loves it! He wants to make sure I don’t go to waste and being satisfied as much as possible.

Is jealousy ever a complicating factor in hotwifing scenarios?

Never! We love each other and knowing that our hearts belong to each other no one else can have that.

What was your hottest hotwifing experience (on or off the camera)?

It was when I had a few guys visit me at my hotel and my husband sat in front of us and just enjoyed himself watching,  I often play without him but to have him there turned me on so much more.

What are your tips for a couple looking to try hotwifing for the first time?

Make sure you are secure with your relationship first.  There can’t be jealousy or it will complicate things.  Communicate about everything especially if you have boundaries and don’t break them.

Have you shot scripted hotwife story scenarios in porn? If so, what were your faves?

Yes! In fact I have a DVD called My Hotwife Life.  My favorite is when one of my husband’s buddies stayed at our place and he had to leave for a trip.  He made me promise to take care of his friend and of course I did!

What’s the biggest difference between hotwifing in porn and hotwifing in real life?

I think Hotwifing in porn is more scripted and of course you have to cover certain things like positions, angles, script etc.  In real life it’s just straight fucking, now worrying about the camera and just pure passion and lust.

Do you have any other miscellaneous thoughts about hotwifing you’d like to share? 

I think the misconception about Hotwifing and cuckolding. Not all hotwives have a cuck for a husband.


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