Dorcel presents 'Idol.'

The Rundown: Dorcel’s ‘Idol’ (Featured Video)


It’s a celebrity-obsessed culture. We thrill to news, rumors, and gossip on social media. We imagine what it would be like to live a life of rich excess. We fantasize about favorite celebs in sexual scenarios.

What would happen if a world-famous celebrity walked into your life tomorrow?

In Idol, aspiring performers Marine and Leo (Alice Martin and Alex Romero) fulfill the dream of meeting blockbuster movie actor Lilly Nelson (Clara Mia) when she comes to London for a one-month engagement in a West End play. As Lilly contemplates moving to Los Angeles to further her career, she chances across Marine and Leo in a nearby bar. In the limited time their lives intersect, this trio will all have unexpected influences on not only their sexual selves but their own personal journeys.

Scene highlights

In a movie that centers on its characters’ sexual evolution, it’s appropriate that the most impressive scene is the final one. Bartender and aspiring actor Leo finally brings one of his greatest fantasies to life: a night of passion with star actor Lilly. When she first appears in front of him, her sparkling dress creates a glinting, scintillating effect — a star in a near-literal sense. At first, he is tentative but clearly thrilled at the opportunity that life has given him. Lilly also feels a significant charge at the idea of hooking up with this grittily handsome regular Joe. He makes powerful love to her from behind as she places her hands flat on the makeup table. Setting the scene in her makeup room is an effective choice, too, adding to the sense of a naughty behind-stage affair. Alex pummels his dick in one last volley to blast his load over Lilly’s chest.

The movie’s other action encompasses sex scenes with characters large and small from Lilly’s orbit. In scene one, hotshot Hollywood agent Anissa Kate enjoys a threesome with Sam Bourne and Tommy Cabrio after chatting with Lilly about an L.A. opportunity. Sex-crazed Anissa is so brazen, she has one of her partners performing oral sex even while she’s still in the midst of a call.

In scene two, Lilly has installed herself in London’s West End to perform in an incisive new play. To relieve tension, she picks up a couple in the bar where Leo and Marine works. “I think I’m going to fuck them both,” she whispers slyly to Leo as she sidles up to the bar. The scene cuts back to the couple’s apartment as their steamy threesome plays out. In scene three, a chance encounter in the bar leads Marine into a spontaneous hookup with one of Lilly’s friends (Max Deeds). The foreplay and sex have the perfect urgency of a duo eager to experience each other’s bodies for the first time.

By this point, Marine has become infatuated with Lilly’s star aura. They hang out together but a brief kiss with Lilly leads no further. Later, Marine is dejected when Lilly’s affections are directed at Leo. Seeking solace on the dancefloor, she runs into Anita Rover, whose comforting words create a newfound chemistry between them. Scene four follows their initial passions as they experiment in the hallway. 


“It makes me grow not just as an actress but as a woman.” (Lilly discusses the benefits of her time on the stage)

Why we love Idol

Never meet your heroes, they say. You’ll just be disappointed when you discover how flawed and human they really are. When Marine and Leo meet megastar Lilly Nelson, they discover her human side, but they also discover aspects of their own personalities and sexualities. By the end of the movie, Marine has realized that she is actually more comfortable with women as her sexual partners, and Leo gains the confidence to score a big audition. While Lilly was only a transient part of their life’s experiences, she made an indelible impression. Dorcel, as always, makes an equally memorable impression thanks to its world-spanning scope (London to Los Angeles this time) and sexy sense of its characters. The excerpts from Lilly’s numerous blockbusters, ranging from character dramas to sci-fi thrillers, add a further sense of scale. Here’s hoping Lilly’s story continues in a follow-up set in Los Angeles, her stated destination at movie’s end.

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