Adult Empire interviews Evil Angel porn director Richard Mann.

Richard Mann Interview: Evil Angel Directorial Debut

Richard Mann. Evil Angel.

It’s a match the porno gods smile upon in wickedly naughty approval. Last year, prolific star Richard Mann inked a deal to join Evil Angel’s esteemed roster of directors. He chatted with Adult Empire about this exciting new venture and its debut movie, World Of Mann: True Sluts, which was released  on DVD and VOD this week.

Adult Empire: Do you remember the first time you became familiar with the Evil Angel brand?

Richard Mann: Yes, I definitely do. I’ve been an avid viewer of adult content for a very long time, and the videos that always caught my attention featured the renowned Evil Angel name. Whenever I craved a dose of hardcore pornography, I would reach for an Evil Angel DVD without hesitation. Their videos consistently showcased the hottest and most sexually adventurous women engaging in intense and explicit scenes. As someone who has a deep appreciation for hardcore action, I believed that working with Evil Angel was the perfect fit for me when I entered the industry. Their brand perfectly aligned with the image I wanted to portray, and not to mention, Evil Angel has always been a leader in terms of production quality and distribution. Choosing to collaborate with them was a decision that required no second thoughts. Becoming an Evil Angel Director was a dream I relentlessly pursued for 20 years, and now, finally, I have achieved it.

Evil Angel’s owner, John Stagliano, is an industry legend. In what ways has he most influenced you?

It’s truly remarkable how he single-handedly built Evil Angel from the ground up and continues to remain actively involved to this day. Witnessing his hands-on approach is incredibly inspiring and assures me that I, too, have the potential to achieve similar success. Moreover, I deeply admire his unwavering dedication to hardcore content. Just like him, I take the art of hardcore fucking very seriously. John Stagliano understands that it’s all about the raw passion of sex, and nothing else matters. When I envision my future, I aspire to become just like John Stagliano. Seriously, it’s a genuine aspiration of mine.

How did the Evil Angel director deal come about?

There are several individuals who deserve credit for the opportunity I received. First and foremost is Josh; although I don’t know his last name, he discovered some of my videos and believed I would be an excellent fit for Evil Angel. He generously provided me with an email address to contact in hopes of securing an audience with the company and presenting my pitch. To my surprise, the email caught the attention of none other than the president of Evil Angel herself. Initially, I didn’t receive a response, which led me to believe my chances were slim. However, I later discovered that she had spoken with John Stagliano, who personally sent me an email inviting me to join Evil Angel. Another significant boost came from John, who sought Jonni Darkko’s opinion of my skills as both a performer and a potential director. Jonni’s endorsement was invaluable, worth a fortune in itself. Additionally, Sheena Shaw played a crucial role by participating in an epic scene with me. She spoke highly of our collaboration to John, and I believe it was the combination of these factors that ultimately sealed the deal and granted me the esteemed position of Director at Evil Angel. It is truly an incredible honor.

What are the best aspects of being part of the Evil Angel family of directors?

One of the most exhilarating aspects is that Evil Angel wholeheartedly embraces the essence of hardcore fucking, which is the true essence of authentic pornography. They understand that the raw, passionate intensity of explicit scenes is what makes this genre so captivating. Being bestowed with the esteemed position of an Evil Angel director is an incredible honor that I deeply appreciate. I recognize the tremendous dedication and hard work that countless individuals within the company have poured into their craft to reach such a prestigious level. Their relentless commitment and unwavering pursuit of excellence have undoubtedly shaped Evil Angel into the powerhouse it is today. As a director within this esteemed organization, I feel an immense sense of pride and privilege to contribute to the legacy of quality adult content that they have painstakingly cultivated over the years.

The Richard Mann/Evil Angel debut scene has a Red Riding Hood theme. Tell us how you came up with that, and what it was like to shoot.

I host several big content events throughout the year, including one during Halloween. During one of these events, my co-host suggested that I create a video inspired by Little Red Riding Hood.

He thought it would be interesting if I wore a big bad wolf mask, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a suitable one. Determined to create a dark and creepy atmosphere, we decided to film the video at night.

The entire shoot turned out to be incredibly enjoyable. Rebel Rhyder, who was part of the project, was willing to go the extra mile to make the scene truly epic. I specifically chose her because I knew she had the talent to pull it off, and I was confident that our fans would absolutely love it.

Porn is both an art and a business. How do you balance those two things?

Yes, it is both, but I don’t let the business part interfere with the art. business is never in my mind when it comes to the art. The business is taken care of before and after the shoot. the balance is the easy part

When working with someone very new to the business, what are the best ways to help them relax and give their best performance?

I make it my utmost priority to ensure that she feels entirely at ease and relaxed in my presence. To establish a comfortable environment, I engage in open communication, attentively listening to her desires, boundaries, and preferences. I emphasize that the realm of pornography offers a unique space for her to fully express herself sexually, assuring her that my ultimate objective is to bring her pleasure and fulfill her deepest sexual fantasies in any way possible. Building trust becomes a crucial foundation as I reassure her that I will always prioritize her well-being, never causing any harm or injury. Guiding her towards a state of relaxation becomes the key to unlocking her full potential. Time and time again, I manage to create that special atmosphere where she can reach a heightened state of pleasure, allowing her to deliver her most exceptional performance. .

What does a typical day look like for you?

My daily routine follows a consistent pattern that helps me stay focused and productive. I start my day at 5 a.m. by getting something to eat and brewing a fresh pot of coffee. Stepping outside, I take a moment to relax and enjoy a joint. Then, I kick off my workday by checking and responding to emails, as well as keeping up with my social media presence on platforms like Twitter, FetLife, Instagram, BIGO, and others. Once I’ve tackled any pending tasks, I dive into editing, uploading content, and planning my next moves for success in my industry.

What can you tell us about some of your upcoming Evil Angel projects?

In my upcoming projects at Evil Angel, I’m thrilled to continue working on several popular series. These include Street Dawgs, Bash Brothas, Slut Training, Lock Jaw, Black Girl Magic, and a few others. Each series has its own unique appeal and captures the imagination of viewers in different ways. From exploring provocative themes to showcasing exceptional performances, these projects promise to captivate and entertain. I’m committed to delivering outstanding content that pushes the boundaries of creativity and leaves a lasting impact within the adult entertainment industry.

Currently, what are your favorite TV shows, movies, music, books, etc.?

I’m afraid I don’t have any favorite tv shows at the moment. but I do love movies and music from all genres and time periods. I’m a music addict actually and have a huge playlist. Books I tend to read are on geo-politics, religion, philosophy, metaphysics, world history, psychology and any other field related to those

What do you feel is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while working in the adult industry?

It be to work with like minded people that are striving to the same type of goals you are. To never hang with ppl who are not motivated and lazy looking for a hand out. To not do those things is asking for failure.

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Richard Mann Interview: From Swinger to Porn Superstar

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