Leana Lovings

The Rundown: ‘Leana Unlocked’ (Featured Video)


Two time Adult Empire Pornstar of The Year winner Leana Lovings stars in her very own showcase feature from Elegant Angel. Leana will be put through intense and mysterious trials that expose the dark beauty of her inner sexuality. Leana Unlocked seeks to peel back the many exciting layers of Leana Lovings and show her talent as a performer.

Scene highlights

Leana starts off strong with a foray into a slightly dom/sub scene by submissively servicing her potential boss during a job interview. She is easily swayed, giving in to his subtle commands at the slightest hint of pressure. First he tells her to lift her skirt up, which she does willingly, then he tells her to take her top off, and she takes no convincing. One bare breasted, he tells her to get below him. From there she needs no further instruction, lowering herself to her knees and unbuckling belt. She slowly and intensely fills her mouth with his flesh, savoring every moment with deep concentration. Soon the tempo picks up and she’s getting drilled in the back of her throat. They move onto his desk and the penetration begins. You can hear the raw sound of flesh smacking against flesh, the wet slops of dick sliding through folds, and Leana’s high pitched whimpers.

Other highlights: Leana is dressed as some kind of slutty nun and you’re gonna be turned on the moment you see her outfit. She prays on her knees as she becomes surrounded other slutty nuns who must fuck her as penance. She gets her perfectly plump tits licked up in a loud lesbian threesome that eventually includes giant strap on.

Another scene sees Leana as a sexy nurse with knee high socks, tenderly feeling up her ripped, big dick patient. She listens to his heart before moving her hands down to his dick, and ther she finds what she’s looking for. There’s something throbbing down there, and there’s only one cure: Leana’s hot wet snatch.

Finally, Leana is in a room with masked robed figures. It’s very dark and mysterious, and she has a chained collar wrapped around her neck. From there she is double teamed, fingered and fucked at the dominating will of her two partners. She has submitted completely in this explosive finale.


“You are cordially invited to experience your deepest desires.” – the spooky note at the beginning of the movie.

It’s the perfect tagline for the whole film. We get a front row seat to watching Leana unlock her horniest and most unhinged sexual fantasies. In way, we’re experiencing our deepest desires, too.

Why we love it

The movie follows a contemplative and reflective Leana Lovings post-breakup, and does a convincing job setting up her descent into sexual experimentation and surrender to desire. Leana powers through and conquers each unique scene with finesse and professionalism, proving she has the chops to thrive in any kind of environment. Leana Unlocked serves as a great collection of scenes showcasing Leana’s charm and all her best moves so far.

Leana Unlocked

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