The Rundown: My Hot Neighbor Loves My Dick (Featured Video)


Sometimes you move into a new neighborhood. Sometimes that neighborhood has salivating sex crazed horny women. And sometimes they want your dick. That’s the basis of Penthouse’s My Hot Neighbor Loves My Dick. Can these unsuspecting big dicked good Samaritans give their hot neighbors what they’re looking for?

Scene highlights

This movie should really be called My Hot Neighbor Loves My BIG Dick because Matthew Meier has a rocket on him so big that Dr. Travis Taylor would want to launch it into the anomaly above The Triangle on Skinwalker Ranch.  I flinched for a second when he pulled that monster out because I was startled. If you slapped a dragon head on that thing you’d think Godzilla was here to destroy the city. Alas, it was here to destroy Claudia Bavel’s pussy, and it did so with grace and ease. You could tell she was having a blast when she sucked him off, trying to gauge the full girth with her mouth. But once he finally entered her you could tell the thoughts left her head as she moaned them all out. There was no room left in her body for anything else but dick. They’ve really unlocked the key to forming great neighborly relationships.

Other highlights include Nata Ocean passionately fingering herself in the shower. It’s a great ASMR moment because you can hear the water droplets smacking the floor as she releases her sounds of satisfaction. Kama Oxi’s blowjob is so tender and zoomed in that you can hear the gargling sounds of the saliva bubbling on the hard tip against the back of her throat. Meanwhile, Lea Guerlin’s pussy is spread so wide when she’s bent over the table and fucked by Lorenzo Viota that it looks like she’s being torn in half by his meat monster.


“You were looking I saw it. No worries, don’t be so shy.” – Nata Ocean as she sits on her neighbor’s lap.

If everyone was this type of neighbor, the world would be a much better place.

Why we love it

It’s no secret that millennials and gen Z have been forever priced out of the housing market thanks to the dystopian greed of giant real estate megacorps and crochety boomers. But films like My Hot Neighbor Loves My Dick can give hope that while you may never own that home, you can maybe rent it and if you’ve got good dick, then baby you’re still gonna live a fine life by railing your hot ass neighbors. The moral is to pick a neighborhood with really hot, really slutty chicks.

My Hot Neighbor Wants My Dick boxcover

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