Leana Unlocked

First Look: Elegant Angel’s ‘Leana Unlocked’

The trailer for Leana Unlocked from Elegant Angel is here and it’s safe to say it’s unlocked a strong anticipation in all of us.

Leana Lovings is something of an anomaly. At first look from a stranger she might come off and unsuspecting, inoffensive, and a good girl. But Leana is anything but that! With curly brown hair, big glasses, and a soft angelic face, she was able to turn her sweet, innocent look into a vehicle that she then used to drive herself in porn stardom. She’s racked up numerous award nominations from AVN and even Adult Empire, winning Adult Empire’s Pornstar of The Year two years in a row. She’s able to translate her lovable demeanor into raunchy, unimaginable erotic performances that leave your jaw hanging and your pole at full mast. That’s why it’s so exciting to see her get her own showcase from Elegant Angel: Leana Unlocked.

Even with all the movies and scenes we have of her, and the years we’ve known her, it’s obvious there’s still so much more to peel back. Leana is just getting started, and she proves that in the trailer below. Originally debuting on Elegant Angel’s twitter here the video starts with Leana’s voiceover, “breakups are hard.” It’s ominous, intriguing, and somehow arousing. We’re treated to cuts to between different scenes featuring Leana wearing the whole gambit of classic porn outfits: nurse, nun, masquerade outfit, etc. Ending with the cracking sound of a whip and Leana’s whimper. It’s brief, subtle, and shockingly effective.

Watch the trailer below and then look for Leana Unlocked to debut April 18 on Adult Empire!

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