Pornstar Interview: Lady Lazarus

Just like the traveling carnies of old, the magnificent Lady Lazarus makes her way all around the country to shoot smoking hot porn scenes. When she’s not filming a hardcore BDSM scene or taking a serious gangbang, you can bet she’s already planning her next move. Check out the life of Lady Lazarus in this exclusive Adult Empire interview.

Adult Empire: Your X bio calls you a “traveling xxx creator,” talk about what that means and how the traveling works.

Lady Lazarus: I schedule both trade scenes for my platforms and book professional paid scenes for studios. A main portion of my day consists of messaging, emailing and texting producers to schedule paid shoots! Once I get enough paid shoots in a location I will schedule a trip. I prioritize paid shoots to pay for my expenses because I live in Pennsylvania and schedule trade shoots closer to the dates closer to those dates I’ve scheduled. At the end and very beginning of my day, during non during working hours where I live I upload content to my sites.

How did you get started in XXX content creation?

I modeled nude for fine art then starting shooting erotically and starting as I was of age and it evolved from there!

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What appeals to you about doing XXX content creation?

Being able to make my own schedule and enjoy what I do and explore more of my own body! I’ve been able to learn more about myself both emotionally and physically through this job and it helps me express myself and stresses I have, in a healthy way. I love what I do, so I love to work hard, the satisfaction is fantastic especially because I am doing this all on my own.

You have some great fetish videos, including a recent bondage one. What some pros of bondage, what do you like about it?

I love how connected you must be to your partner for both safety and on an emotional level. Sharing space with a trusted practitioner and being used is sublime and so comfortable to me. I’m a switch by nature so it also excites me being able to educate myself and impart the skills I know with willing subs.

One of your bestsellers on Adult Empire is ‘Gang Bang in Austin with The Flourish’ which features over 8 guys. How do you coordinate a gangbang with that many people? Is it any more challenging than one on one scene?

Luckily the producer who filmed this organized the talent. All of the performers in that scene are not actual active performers were just there for an orgie type situation so it was easier to get them all together.

How many guys is optimal for a gangbang? Can there be too many?

Never too many! I want more! Most I have have is…6? Not counting gloryholes.

Is there a type of scene you’d like to do that you haven’t done before?

More bondage scenarios with BDSM practitioners with incredible hardware that they know how to use! More rope bondage! More crazy kinks! I need more performers willing to do things I’ve shot for major productions, for my own sites. I’d like to shoot things such as double anal, double vag, foot fucking, cum in eyes, solo big toy play and fetishes of all kinds.

If someone wanted to check out your performing, what scene of yours would you recommend they watch first?

One of my newest releases is Deep Throat Practice 2. If you love tons of spit and deep throat gagging you’ll love it! It’s one of my favorites too.

You’re also a dancer, how did you first get into dancing?

I was a nude fine art model already and knew I would enjoy being a dancer and getting into more erotic work! I just enjoy showing off my body.

Do you have any upcoming projects or releases that you’re excited about?

I have an incredible amount of travel coming up during the spring and summer! I’m just excited to keep perfecting my craft and learning and exploring what I love. So many good scenes to choose from both for my sites and other companies.

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