The Rundown: ‘Ultimacy’ (Featured Video)

The Basics

How exciting it is to review a porn film by a brand-new studio called LucidFlix and directed by Seth Gamble. He introduces us to what he calls VPOV, which stands for Voyeurism and Point Of View. Starring in this hardcore, raw sex feature is Anna Claire Clouds, Chanel Camryn, Blake Blossom, Eliza Ibarra, and Ryan Reid. Those are some good-looking babes to get up close with, I am looking forward to seeing the style and shooting of this new film called Ultimacy.

Scene Highlights

Chanel Camryn stars in the scene titled “The Pier” which starts with a Ferris wheel on the beach. The detail of the camera is stunning. She strolls along the boardwalk looking so fine. She twirls her hair just waiting for something to happen. She plays a game on the pier and wins, then she tells the man she met she wants to play another type of game. She pulls out her hotel key and we are transported there to her wearing a very nice white thong outfit. She is enticing the camera so that we can pretend to be that “someone” she just met. She is a naughty; beautiful girl and she works her mouth skills on his hard cock only to have him return the favor. He shoves her panties in her mouth as she moans. The camera is our best friend as it hovers around to catch every angle of this hardcore fucking.

In the next scene titled “The Neighbor” Anna Claire Clouds we travel to the big city at night. We see her walking the street looking gorgeous as the city lights capture her essence. It seems something is missing from her night when she gets home and confronts the camera. She decides that she will take advantage of us (her neighbor) after seeing the way we stare at her. She leads us to the bed where she exposes a sexy outfit and fuck our cock like it’s the best cock she has ever had. The POV shooting is absolutely perfect.

Eliza Ibarra is getting “The Workout” in her sexy scene where we see just how flexible she can be. She spots us looking at her and smiles. Her body is so fine I could stare at it forever. As she leaves, she slips us a note with her room number. When we enter, she is in the shower, naked and beautiful. The encounter leads easily into cock sucking, pussy licking action in the shower which ultimately leads to the bedroom on her nice purple silk sheets. There we get to fuck her with a view of her ass from above that steals the entire movie. She looks great on purple; she always looks great.

Then we go to “The Diner’ to find Ryan Reid sitting alone. As she sits, she has a mischievous smile on her face, I wonder what she may be thinking about. She exits into the night to vape, and she smiles when she sees us walking her way. She claims she was hoping we would come to join her. She is gorgeous, her smile has frozen me into her world. She needs a man to walk her home safely, shall we? It was a good decision that we did because she loves the taste of our cock and aggressively goes after it. It’s too much, the cock must immediately go into her tight pussy. Everything is right about this girl and the way she fucks, that was great! I love the tattoo on her knee that says, “hardcore pleasure.”

Walking through “The Theater” is Blake Blossom. She grabs the microphone and rehearses some lines for a play. It appears as though we are the audience, but does she know we are there? She needs help remembering those lines, I want to help her. I make my presence known, much to her embarrassment. I get distracted by her nice big tits. She puts down the mic and reaches for my pants. Suddenly she is making all my dreams “cum” true, and all of my own exhibitions of stage fright have been removed by a nice hard stage fuck.


“You definitely like to look at me, don’t you?  You’re hard already?  I haven’t even done anything yet.”

Why We Love It

This was a very creative approach to a porn movie. It’s about as close as you can get to virtual reality without having to wear some goofy goggles. The expert shooting really does give the impression it could be you starring in the scene with each of these gorgeous babes. I will say that the scenes are slow starting if sex is all you want to see but the point of the film is to completely bring you into the moment. That mission was accomplished in crisp detail. The sex captured on these one-on-one exploits is very passionate and rewarding. A great movie to add to your collection!


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