Solar Eclipse: ‘Total Eclipse Of The Hole’

In honor of today’s total solar eclipse, we wanted to celebrate the dark hole inside us all: the asshole. The asshole is similar to an eclipse, particularly when it’s stretched. It’s round, dark, and full of mystery. And just like the eclipse casts a shadow of intrigue over Earth, the stretched asshole casts a shadow of horniness over porn watchers around the world. So when you’re looking at the eclipse today, don’t just think about the Earth, Moon, and Sun, think about the sexy gaping holes from Proxy Paige‘s Total Eclipse Of The Hole. Don’t let it just intrigue you, let it arouse you, and share that moment with your fellow watchers, whether they’re family, friends, or just other onlookers.

A solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, blocking sunlight from the Earth. This giant crystal dildo is working just like the Sun, blocking any light from entering Eden Ivy’s asshole. It’s a tall task to ask for a demonstration, but here we see Eden holds a tremendous amount of dedication to the sciences and education. She’s willing to accept this thick long translucent snake between the walls of her hole, pushing the boundaries of her body’s natural physics.

In this gif, you can see Lydia Black really pumping that cone into Tabitha Poison’s asshole. Once again, the hole is completely blocked out by a giant mass. You might see something similar to this when you watch the total solar eclipse. The benefit of Total Eclipse of The Hole¬†is that you can watch it any time you want, without having to wait for certain alignments of celestial bodies. Plus, you don’t even need to wear glasses to watch this!

Okay, this one is a little less eclipse themed, but we thought it was a cool image none the less. Daphne Klyde is squirting her excitement all over Kristy Black, which is something you might do if the anticipation of the eclipse becomes too much to just hold inside. Plus, it’s a great reminder to wear your safety glasses to protect your eyes against any unwanted solar projectiles.

After all your preparation, it’ll finally be time for the total eclipse of the hole. This is another great shot of what it might be like to look directly into the eclipse. As you can see, Sofia Lee has tightly clasped both ass cheeks and spread them wide, exposing the stretched hole in the center, ready to be eclipsed by something large.

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Total Eclipse Of The Hole box cover

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