Tiffany Watson stars in Squirtwoman.

Podcast: Tiffany Watson Talks ‘Squirtwoman’

In the opening shot of Tiffany Watson Is Squirtwoman, the title star coolly surveys the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

Talk about foreshadowing.

The movie finds mega-squirter Watson unleashing water of body to rival any body of water. Across action featuring a threesome, an all-girl orgy, and a first-time double penetration, Watson proves that she’s a worthy successor to the Squirtwoman title previously occupied by Kleio Valentien, Bonnie Rotten, Jada Fire, and Cytherea. (For a fascinating recap of Squirtwoman’s series history, visit the Elegant Angel Blog.) In the newest episode of the Adult Empire Podcast, Watson chats about this sopping-wet blockbuster and so much more.

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Tiffany Watson interview topics and transcript

Over the course of an hour-long conversation with Dallas, Watson covers the following topics (select dropdown arrow for transcript):

What fans can expect to see in the Squirtwoman movie

“What you can expect is the obvious, a lot of squirting, very, very wet and wild. But I think my favorite thing for you to be expecting is my first DP scene. Which I’m very, very excited about. And I hope everybody else is just as excited about it as I am because it was just something else for me. But yes, lots of squirting lots of slutty activity going on and just an all-around good time.”

How she became involved in the series

“Oh my gosh, I think a lot of man hours squirting and showing Pat Myne what I have. Pat Myne is the director of the entire movie. And I have worked with him on many, many occasions. And every single time it was squirting.

I will say it was quite a thing he had mentioned many times, many times, over a year or maybe even a year and a half of being like, ‘You could be the new Squirtwoman.’

And I was like I would be honored to be because I think that is quite the title to have. And then the last couple months before we started shooting, he was like, ‘Let’s get this going. Let’s do it. Let’s let’s go by Elegant and let’s let’s run this shit.’ And I was like, ‘You tell me when and where and I am more than happy to be there and to do it and to do my best.’

And I guess I guess I was just good enough. I’m still in shock. And I’m very grateful to be crowned the new Squirtwoman. It truly is something special. Especially squirting the way that I squirt. I don’t know if you are familiar or have seen my squirting personally, but it’s a quite the circus. Quite the circus show to see, I’ll tell you what.”

Her impressions of the previous Squirtwoman movies

“I was very familiar with it [ . . .] So to be able to fill those shoes was huge to me, because [the previous Squirtwomen were] also really amazing. But it’s a different thing to be crowned that.”

Working with director Pat Myne

“He’ll book me through my agent and then we’ll text, and I’ll be like, what outfits, what vibe are we going for? And ‘are we squirting?’ And I stopped asking him after a certain point because he’s like, yes, Tiffany we are always squirting.

And I’m like oh my god, I’m just such a silly girl. Okay, well, I’m just going to assume now every time I’m on your set, I’m squirting and that’s literally what it was every time. It did not matter what company he was shooting me for. It was always going to be squirt and and it was always fantastic.

Every time it was a different level. It was me hitting the ceiling, me hitting his air vent that’s 10 feet on top of his wall, you know, always something very crazy. So I just got became to be like, Okay, today I’m working with Pat, today’s a squirt day, he’s going to put the lens in front of his camera, I’m going to totally mess it and squirt all over him instead. And then he’s probably going to use the floor as a slip and slide with my squirt all over the place. It just became a normal occurrence.”

Her personal squirting records

“I’ve got a few. But I think one that I mentioned often is when I hit my PR [personal record]. So I originally had my personal record set at 10 feet. And I had done that on my six-year porn anniversary OnlyFans live show. I did it here in my house. I scored 10 feet. I said, “Hold on, we need to measure this. That was far!” And it was 10 feet.

So then after that, I was like, ooh, I kind of want to challenge myself a little bit. I want to see just how far I can push it. And so it was for a company about a year ago, and I shot 20 feet in front of us. And so that is one that I mentioned very often because truly, all of us on set, we’re like, “No fucking way!” Like, there is no way!

So now this one company has one squirt PR record, which I think is really cool. I think, too, any scene where I’m like getting railed on the ass and I’m squirting at the same time. I think that’s really fucking cool. It’s just really cool to see what my body can do and how far I can actually push my body. And especially on set, it really truly is like a challenge to myself bigger and better every time. But yeah, the 20 feet. That’s pretty crazy to me. Right?”

How she first learned about squirting

“So 15 years ago, I would do a lot of solo play in the shower with the showerhead, because I was just very interested in what I have going on down here. And I know for a fact I was squirting then, but it was very hard to tell because I’m obviously in the shower, right? So you can’t really see the liquid. But I remember the feeling.

Then when I got into porn, I was on set and I was using this Hitachi and it felt just so good. And I released all of this liquid out of me and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I just made a huge, gross mess.’ At the time. I was like, This is gross. What just happened? But I recognized the feeling. I was like, I know this feeling. It’s a very familiar feeling. It is not like just having a regular orgasm. It is something beyond that.

And the guy that was standing with me while I was using the Hitachi was like, ‘No, you just squirted. That was fucking awesome.’ And I was like, I don’t even know what that is. And then I was like, oh shit, like squirting is a thing. And then I kind of started dipping my toes into it a little bit more.

And then I realized I was really good at it. And really, really good at it. And then I realized that people actually liked it. I was like, that’s crazy. So then I started tweaking little things. And like, you know, my morning routine before set, changed drastically. It was like there was something that I couldn’t do in the morning before I went to set to ensure that I would have the best work scene.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are absolutely days where I go on set and I’m like, wow, I totally failed myself. I failed myself. I feel terrible. I did not do to what my standard is, you know.

But that’s how I realized I was a squirter. It was 15 years ago, up until almost, let’s say nine years ago just about I was like, wow, I didn’t realize I had this in me and then also to those little tweaks to really make it work for me is what made it a big thing for me in my career.”

Squirting tips

“I am more than happy to share these things with anybody and everybody, because I think that people that want to level up in their squirting should know these things.

So in the morning, I drink only room-temp water. That’s one thing, room-temp water always and even in my personal day to day life, I only drink room temp water, but especially on squirt days. So I clear my bladder until I’m running clear.

And then I drink probably four to six bottles of the Berry Blast Pedialyte. And the reason why I do only that one — I am like a diva on set when it comes to my squirt days because I’m like only room-temp water. And only one specific Pedialyte.

And I have a reason for these things. I don’t want to be a diva. But I there’s a rhyme to my reason or reasons to my rhyme — I don’t know how it goes. But I’m Berry Blast. Let me tell you. It makes me kind of cocky sometimes because I’ll squirt into like a co-star’s face or their mouth, right. And they’re like, ‘Wow, that tasted so good.’ And it’s because I’m just basically squirting out Pedialyte. At that point, I’ve depleted my whole body of any thing in my body in my bladder, that would be icky, I guess you could say.

And so those are my those are my two things, running your system completely clear, and then just just throwing it back. And I’ll throw like an occasional energy drink in there too. Because by the time you’ve already depleted your whole body of all of the natural salts that you actually need to function on a day to day basis, I need something else to pick me up.

And that time being because it absolutely is possible to drink water so much that you die. Or that you get water poisoning, that is absolutely a thing. Years ago, I drink too much water on set. And I was losing vision — my my brain felt like it was swelling, I was growing up like I was severely sick. So because of that I had to figure it out. Like if I wanted to continue squirting and not die on set, I had to figure it out.

And those are kind of the things that people don’t tell you. And it’s like a sink or swim in this industry, you either figure it out or, or it figures you out.”

Learning the ropes in the industry

“We don’t have a PowerPoint or a booklet that you are given when you get into the industry. It really is like, you got to figure it out for yourself. I’m definitely one of those people, I want to tell anybody, if you’re going to ask me, I’m going to tell you what is up and what time it is. Because I have no issue with that. And for me, I got in I was 19 — so imagine me young, naive, vulnerable, I had no clue. And I truly had to figure it all out on my own. So to be kind of that person to be like, ‘Hey, this is what we do. This is how you do it,’ I’m more than happy to do that just to save other people time like pain in their life, trying to figure it out the hard way, you know?”

Her attitude toward porn’s other famous squirters

“I think it’s kind of like in my perspective, I’m like, ‘Fuck yeah, you get that! You’re amazing!’ I’m a girl’s girl. So I root everybody on. I don’t know if other females that are really good at squirting also are either competitive with it or are like yes, you go.”

How the movie’s action was chosen

“We knew for sure that I was going to do my first DP. There was no question about that. I was ready for it. I was super nervous, because I had never done it, even off camera, had never done it before. So I was super nervous about that. So we knew we wanted that.

We knew we wanted a boy/girl/girl scene anal squirting, the whole thing. And then we were trying to figure out the final scene. Well, okay, what are we going to do? I think what the people need is five girls getting wet and wild together.

And I kind of was like, I like the sleepover vibe. It changes the tone 100% from the two other scenes, the boy/girl/girl and my DP, which both of those scenes were just over the top slutty, wet, a mess, just fantastic. But ultimately, I wanted to change that vibe for the all-girl squirting scene. And so it was kind of just us trying to figure out what the best look would be for for all for all of those scenes.

And for them to all go together obviously with the squirting and all of them ultimately our main goal was to just have a solid fucking hot sweaty movie with good names and really strong performers. That was really important for us.”

Working with Nicole Doshi

“Don’t even get me started on Nicole Doshi — she is out of this world. I have nothing but good things to say about the sexual energy that you feel just standing in the room with her. Let alone she is just a fantastically nice girl.

But she really is quite the performer. She is over the top in all the best ways. And just a really strong performer all together as a whole. And she was a lot of fun to work with.

It truly blew me away because that was somebody that I had not met before and somebody that I wasn’t really quite familiar with. Because to be honest, I don’t really pay attention to social media. I don’t watch porn. I don’t really pay attention, to be honest.

So when Pat [Myne] was like, well, what about Nicole and I, I went and looked at her profiles. And I was like she could be be a really good match for what we’re looking for. And she absolutely blew me away. I mean, in every way shape and form, she is just amazing.”

If you made a movie with a squirting-themed storyline, what would it be?

“I want to do a firefighter. You know, I like to think that my hose is better than their house. I like to think that I can actually put out real fires, unlike them. [Laughs] No shade on the the firefighters, but I would like to probably be a fireman. Yeah, be saving people one squirt at a time.

To be honest, I think it would be super hot to be in a like super slutty fireman outfit. Maybe be in the woods, I’m saving forest. I don’t know! Or maybe you see me like side by side with a fireman and we see who’s who’s better. And I think it’s going to be me?”

The movie’s shooting schedule

“So I went out to LA the night before scene. One scene was the boy/ girl/girl with Nicole [Doshi] and we shot that and then the next day we shot the all-girl orgy.

And then the day after that, I was up at like 4 a.m., 5 a.m. cleaning out my butt being a good girl getting ready for my DP when our day had gotten canceled.

So I was like, okay, well, I’m a firm believer that, you know, everything happens for a reason. So I was not like, oh, great, fuck this. I wasn’t upset about it. I was like, okay, I’m going to get a flight home to Vegas. And then we will replan this.

And so that’s exactly what we did. I think I came back out three or four days later, and shot the DP, which, in my eyes, I think it was meant to be like that. Because I think I was already really exhausted from exerting so much energy, those first two scenes, that I don’t think I would have been able to really give it my all the way I really did.

And so we had those first two days, and then that third day, and then I did go back out, I want to say maybe three weeks after the DP was shot.

And we did some interview shit. We did some intro. There’s some parts of me and driving around in Malibu in my car with my tits out just, you know, being cute-girl vibes. And that was a lot of fun, too.

So yeah, it was a total total of four days, kind of just spanned out a little bit, which, in my opinion, I preferred it that way, to be honest.”

Shooting the movie’s intro (shot using Watson’s car)

“I will tell you something that nobody’s going to know watching that. I was running out of gas, drastically. I had like 10 miles left in my tank, not even. By the time we got back to the gas station, I had zero miles left in my tank. So I was actually panicking the entire time, we were driving up and down. Because I was like, ‘We’re running out of gas, Pat. I did not plan for this.’ I barely remember to put gas in my car on a normal day, let alone when I actually need my car for something.

But that probably was one of my favorite parts, because I love my car. And I love the beach. And I love looking like, you know, a hot slut. So I love that that was like kind of the beginning of all of the other hot sweaty activities.”

The unique sexual ecstasy of her double penetration

“First of all, I always had a fantasy of like, you know, the typical DP position where the guys are holding you and you’re sandwiched between them, and you’ve got somebody in your ass and somebody in your pussy and they’re just doing you like that. That was always a fantasy of mine.

And I think I think every DP position we did, I was in complete awe, because it really was like a sexual ecstasy for me.

And look, I like anal. But I almost afraid to say that. I think I like DPs more than just regular anal. I like the fact that you’ve got so much going on and I also really enjoy the fact of not just one guy but two guys. I love two guys at one time. I think it’s super hot. I love like having all of the attention on me.

And so I think it was like kind of just like little things that all added up to the one like ‘Oh god, I could like literally sit here and let you guys like fuck my holes like this for hours because it was just so. so good.'”

Practical challenges of shooting the movie

“To be completely honest, I was surprised there wasn’t. You know, that day my butt was like being the best girl ever. We didn’t have to cut. I didn’t have to go back and clean out. These are the things that people don’t talk about, okay? My butt was completely good, she was clean, I still had the squirting down, which sometimes like squirting with anal can be a little hard on your body. But the fact that the stars aligned perfectly for that day was just I couldn’t have asked for better.

And let me tell you — I don’t know if other performers are like this, but I was very nervous for doing something that I had never done before and not knowing how my body was going to take it. So that day on set, I was super quiet. I didn’t talk about ‘Oh, today it’s going to be a super squirting day. Oh my ass is going to take it so good.’ I did not say anything. I was just silent. I was almost like an athlete. You know, they kind of get into their groove. They don’t say anything. They’re probably listening to music or a podcast. That’s kind of where I was. I was like, I’m not going to say anything. I need to get into my groove. I need to stay in my head for now. I’m not going to hype myself up. Because what if I hype myself up and then I disappoint myself. I don’t want to do that to myself. That just does not sound like fun to me.

And so yeah, I was very surprised at how well the entire day went for me.”

Her favorite Squirtwoman scene

“So hard. It’s really hard, but I’m going to have to say my DP because I think because the fact that it was my first and you can see me do the other things multiple times. Even though those were probably better than any of the other times I’ve done those other activities. I think the DP because it was my first time and because of how hot I looked between two guys and taking it from two guys.”

Her Idaho roots

Honestly, I think kind of just stay true to myself. I wouldn’t consider myself a flashy person or [someone who] kind of just like lives in that foreign persona 24/7. I’m very much just genuine stick to my roots, very humble in that sense.

And I always remember where I came from. I am not a country girl by any means. There is suburban life there, whatever you call it. And it was just kind of a small town. I’m like a small-town still kind of girl within myself. And I think that that has kind of shown in my personality on social media and my personality in person when you come and meet me at feature dances or, or AVN conventions in general, I think that that really shows that I am still very much myself. And even my parents comment, they’re like, ‘You know what, you have not changed. You’re still very quirky. You’re very out there. You’ve just grown up.’ And it’s very true.

Her parents’ acceptance of her career

“This is an unconditional love with my parents, you know, and if it wasn’t, they would have dropped me years ago. My dad’s like, ‘You’re a badass, and I don’t care what anybody says about you.’ And I actually had to tell my dad, I’m like, ‘Dad, you have to stop telling people that your daughter is a pornstar. Because they don’t know me. And they’re just already assuming all the really bad shit.’ And I’m not any of that, you know, so he actually had to stop telling people that his daughter was a pornstar, because he’s still proud of me.

You know, years ago, I got the 2017 February Hustler cover with like a seven-page spread inside centerfold, the whole thing. And it made my heart really happy because my parents wanted signed copies of it. I gave my dad, my stepmom, a signed copy.

And then I kind of withheld it from my mom for a little bit until she had asked a few more times, because I was like, I don’t want to push this on you. But she’s like, this is awesome. You know, you got the cover of the Hustler magazine. You’re a Hustler Honey, you know. And so that’s kind of their way of supporting me.

And they’re comfortable where they’re comfortable, you know, and so I think that’s really cool. And it helps, you know — it makes my heart hurt for the girls that don’t have that parental support, even to the extent that I have it. It’s to their level, which I’m so okay with. And it makes a difference. It really, really makes a difference.”

Doing anal in her first porn scene

“I worked with somebody who was nicknamed Soda Can. Why do you think — oh, because his dick was like, as thick as a soda. Can they kind of match me with somebody else? I mean, come on, come on.

And I remember shooting the scene and all I could say was ‘Oh, my God. Oh my God.’ Because Oh my fucking God, you know, it was not what I thought it was going to be. I totally jumped into it blindsided. I had no fucking clue. Mind you again, I was young and naive. I think it’s really unfair to do that to a brand new girl. I’m not even going to lie. I wish it wouldn’t have been, but it just was and there’s nothing I can do about.

Now, you know, a lot of girls wait for that big first rate for their anal scene or their whatever. And I like to say, you know what, I’ve made more money from anal shooting all throughout my career than I would have waiting for that first anal, right? Anyways, so when it comes to the money, it doesn’t really matter.

But I definitely wish I would have been more prepared physically, mentally, emotionally, it was still a really great scene. It’s very you see my reactions, my reactions are real and fucking raw. And that’s what people want, especially the company that I shot up for. They want that real raw reaction. And that’s absolutely what they got.

Oh, the one thing was, I was saying, ‘Oh, my god’ the whole time. And the director was like, ‘Can you say anything else but oh, my God?’ And I’m like, actually, I can’t, I literally can’t. I don’t know what else to say at this point.

And again, you know, it is what it is. At the time, I didn’t have a voice to be like, no, you’re not paying me enough for the scene. First of all, because I didn’t know. I didn’t know that people wait for specific scenes, after you’ve been in for a while, you know? But yeah, it was my first time, my first scene. The whole thing.”

The porn world in Miami versus Los Angeles

“I will say the comparison from Miami to let’s say LA just in general, right? The shooting productivity is very fucking different. Miami still great, but it is absolutely amateur compared to LA where the big leagues are, is what I like to say. Miami still pushing hella scenes out all the time. And just like LA is, but I do like to think that there are a handful more of companies in LA.

And I will say too, that going from Miami to LA was kind of what I needed when I finally got it. Because Miami just wasn’t very good to me, which is okay, now, now I’d like to go back and retry it again. But Miami style, it’s completely different. The day and night difference, to be honest. It’s almost like they have all day on set. They take all day.

You go to LA and it’s like, oh, shit, I’ve just shot a scene in three hours. It’s not always like that, right? You could shoot a scene in eight hours in LA, and same thing in Miami. But it’s just a day and night difference.”

The possibility of shooting content abroad

“I have not actually ever gone out to Prague [for a shoot]. And to be honest, I don’t think I would, only because it’s a lot more hardcore than what it is in the States, at least from my understanding, and seeing the things that I’ve seen come out there. And it’s just not really my style. I do envy the girls that can go there and do all the crazy wild things that they do, but I just I don’t think it would fit for me.”

Her own porn-watching habits

“I’ve never really watched it, and to be completely honest, if I am going to watch it, very very far and few between do I ever watch porn, but when I do, I love to watch gay porn. It is like my favorite thing to watch. But prior to porn, I never watched it. I just really liked having sex. I liked the idea of people watching me have sex. And I liked the idea of making money off of having sex because I love having sex. And you know, it’s funny, because I’ll tell people — they’re like, ‘Oh, do you like what you do?’ And I’m like, ‘Do you like sex? Oh, you do you like money? Oh, yeah. So that’s why I do what I do.’ I love what I do. I still love being watched.”

Studying social work in college

“I was studying to be a social worker. So I like to think that I am still doing a form of social work just one stroke at a time.”

Advice she has for aspiring pornstars

“Honestly, I couldn’t really tell you anything besides save your money. Save your fucking money. This is not going to last forever. You’re not getting any younger. Sorry, I hate to say it.

And I mean, we could use COVID as a really good example. If you weren’t saving your money prior to COVID, and then COVID hit. And we all know, we all know what COVID was like. I mean, it like a fever dream, thinking about it, thinking that it was only four years ago. And it went by so fast, but it was so slow at the same time. But the amount of people that were really struggling financially in that time, it’s a really good example to save your money.

And, you know, I wish that when I was 19, and I was making all that money, I was saving it, but I was like, oh, you don’t know anything when you’re 19. You’re the smartest person in the room. Right?

But that is the one thing, save your money. I’m glad that I did finally start listening after a little bit. But I wish I would have started listening from the jump, you know.”

The value of saying “no”

“I think there’s a huge misconception that because this company hired you for X amount of money for the day that you have to do everything that they say. No!

And mind you, times on set have changed drastically from what I got in. Now we’ve got consent checklists, and we’ve got a lot of other things that we go through now before we even start the scene, but being able to find that voice and say no, and say, ‘Hey, is it okay? If we kind of tweaked the scene a little bit this way?’ Or ‘Hey, this position actually hurts me. And I’m not going to sit in this position for five to seven minutes in pain. Can we maybe do a different position?’ You know, there’s a lot of directors are willing to work with you if you just use your voice.

And it’s not to say that you’re going on site and being a diva? No, it’s to say that you also care about the work that you’re putting out as well and saying no. You will find a lot of power within yourself. And I think it’s so, so important, especially for the younger girls. I mean, you can be 18 and get into this industry, which is crazy to me. I got in at 19. It’s just crazy to think about.”

Changes in the industry over the years

“[Previously] some directors [would be] saying kind of inappropriate things on set. It never bothered me. But now it’s a huge deal if a director says anything inappropriate to you. And I get it, I don’t know I kind of like a little slutty in that aspect where I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah, you like this?’ So like, kind of a little flirty on set.

And mind you now I’m also very different than how I was when I got in. I’m a lot older now. I’m very different. But I will say the best thing that has has changed is the consent checklist. That is the best thing that could have happened.

Now it’s not to say that like, you know, you could go on set and say I don’t like my face being smacked, your costar could still very well smack you in the fucking face. And I know that from personal experience. But to have kind of more of a basis, you have on set a PA that’s like sitting there doing the checklist with you being like, ‘Okay, are you good with this? Are you good with this?’ Oh, okay, light, heavy, none, like, you know, to have to have that means a lot. And it’s not to say that porn has gotten boring. It’s just gotten safer, in my opinion.”

Her future in the industry

“I’m just like a super go-with-the-flow kind of girl. For a handful of years, my best friend from college, she’d be like, ‘How much longer?’ And I’d be like, ‘Oh, like five more years? Oh, two more years.’ And then I got tired of saying anything because I was like, I honestly don’t even know. And what I don’t want to do is put a time limit on what I enjoy. It said used to be just kind of like a fuck off hobby. But then it turns into an actual job and actual career. We have to pay taxes on this shit. So you think I’m going to go to set and fuck off? No, I’m taking this very seriously. And so I don’t really have a time limit.

I want to be the best at this or this or, you know, for a long time I was like I want to be in the Hall of Fame. And I think that that’s still something that I hold on to. I would still like to be in the Hall of Fame. I don’t know if it’s changed ,if it’s you know, oh you’ve been in for 10 years now you’re in the hall of fame or you’ve been in for 20 years. I don’t know how it works, to be honest. But it is something that I always wanted. And I think it is still something that I would love to work towards, to be honest with you. But right now I still feel like I still feel kind of young. They always say that like you that you’re like fine wine; you just get better the older you get.

And I do kind of feel like that sometimes as far as just like my person as a whole and so I would like to keep doing this. I don’t know for how long and so we’re going to just kind of see. And I hope people want me to stay and keep watching me and be a wild girl on set.”

Hall of Fame and award aspirations

Vote for this [movie] to be an AVN award. Every single scene — I want the DP to go up; I want the all girl squirting to go up; I want the girl/girl/boy to go up. I want the entire movie as a whole to go up. So they want to also help make history with me. That is where we start. AVN 2025, vote, because I would love to make that the starting of the history for Squirt woman, I think that would be fantastic. And it would be quite the honor to win an award for the whole movie or the scenes individually. I am not picky. But to win something for something in that movie would be really awesome.”

Squirtwoman: The Sequel?

Abso-fucking-lutely. 10,000%. No regrets. I would put my all into it, and maybe do another first. I don’t know. We’ll have to see.”

Upcoming plans

As of now, this [movie] was the one thing that I’ve been dying for it to be released and waiting for people to see it. So I’ve just been kind of holding my breath on this right now. But I definitely see some new things in the works. Things that I can’t really talk about, I guess right now, but definitely keep your eyes peeled. Specifically on my Twitter that is where you see all of my new things. That is where you see. See me talk all my shit. All my real shit. Follow me, love me, subscribe to me, and cheer me on and vote for me.

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Tiffany Watson – Squirtwoman’s Tell-All Interview

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